Amnesty narrowly avoids falling into the trap

On April 19th the Amnesty UK AGM debated a resolution calling on the organisation to ” campaign against antisemitism in the UK and lobby the government to tackle the ( alleged ) rise in antisemitism”.

The resolution was narrowly defeated by 468 delegate votes to 461.

It had been introduced by a certain Anthony Thorpe-Apps, who tells us that he had ” recently joined” , and engagingly declares that he ”believes passionately about human rights.”

He goes on …….

I was aware that the organisation has been outwardly pro-Palestine in the past but it hasn’t stood up for the Jewish population and I think it would be good if they did that.”

I’m not Jewish myself but I’ve been appalled by what I’ve seen in the press facing the Jewish community and an organisation like Amnesty should really add their voice to that as they do with other human rights issues.”

Mr. Thorpe-Apps  ( and his  media outlet the Jewish Chronicle)  obviously thinks we were all born last night.

It is crystal clear, from the manipulative language used,  that this was a pretty ham fisted attempt at a scam. You can be sure he didn’t dream it up all by himself. It is highly unlikely that Amnesty will be hearing from this passionate believer in human rights again.

Do not be surprised if Mr Thorpe-Apps turns up on the payroll of StandWithUs, the political wing of the baby burning Hilltop Youth.

Thorpe-Apps also demanded that Amnesty “ accept”  ( whatever that means) the recent report of the All Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism.

This report is a detailed advance warning of  an assault on established civil liberties in the UK, the scale of which is unprecedented in modern and ” normal” times. It would be extremely odd if Amnesty were to associate itself with such a thing.

The inept and transparent Mr.Thorpe-Apps is not of much concern. What is infinitely more worrying, is that the AmnestyUK Board seem blissfully unaware of what a narrow escape they have had. They don’t  seem to have any kind of understanding of how close they came to being dragged down the rabbit hole.

This resolution is not one they could have passed, and then quietly referenced in their own way, and in their own time. It would have been a millstone around the organisations neck.

There would be endless demands to give accounts of how the resolution was being implemented and no account would be good enough.

They would be reminded on a daily basis that certain kinds of ” discourse” re Israel/Palestine  ” causes antisemitism ” and….

” You, Amnesty, frequently indulge in this kind of rhetoric. How does this square with a resolve to combat antisemitism ” ?

There would be witch hunts against Amnesty staff and patrons etc.

This person is antisemitic. How can your employing  him/her or being  patronised by him/her be consistent with a resolve to  combat antisemitism ” ?

In other words the organisation would be run ragged.

Eventually, the poor innocent delegates that voted for the resolution ( including the Amnesty Board ) would realise that they hadn’t voted to campaign against ” hatred of, persecution of, and discrimination against Jews” at all. That all of this had nothing to do with antisemitism, but  was all about The State of Israel.

That in  a crazy act of self immolation they had voted themselves into a nightmare.

Amnesty would have found that they had entered a very crazy world, or rather several very crazy worlds.

Probably something like 90% of talk concerning anti-Semitism is about Israel. As Aaron Dover points out, people are very pissed off about Israel. As this  finds more and more expression, anti-Semitism is claimed to rise. This perception of a  rise in anti-Semitism has gone from zero to received wisdom almost over night. As Aaron  explains………

Antisemitism is a terrorist weapon. It is used to terrify the world into observing Zionist taboos through fear of losing social standing, being labeled a racist, being fired, exiled, diminished, hounded……….

 I’m Jewish; It takes Jewish privilege to be able to say this. It should not. But to actually question the dogma around antisemitism itself, is one of the ultimate taboos. It’s at the very foundations of the Zionist enterprise.

 I don’t think there is any special exceptional Jew-hatred, a special antisemitism field existing all around us throughout time. People are really very pissed off with Israel though.

 That’s why the public perception of antisemitism has to be cranked up now, because the gagging needs to be cranked up, because people are waking up smelling the bullshit and calling out Israel for its actions. Now that is the kind of antisemitism emergency that calls for a total propaganda war. Expect more assaults on free speech, the mines in the minefield are going to be increasingly sensitive. Expect increased casualties of public figures. Expect people to become more reticent about saying stuff; expect media and social media to clamp down on any anti-Israel sentiment.Because otherwise, you know, at this rate, we European Jews will all going to the gas soon. Yawn.”

That is, for  Israel’s sake, there needs to be as much anti-Semitism as can possibly be mustered, and  as many people and organisations as possible need to be “ shocked” by the “rise” and be recruited to “ combat “ it.

This is where “Anti-semitic discourse” and Israel come in……….

Amnesty’s position on racism is perfectly well established. Why is this not good enough? Why is it desired that there be a specific resolution vis a vis Anti-semitism ? Think about it.


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