The Israel Lobby that isn’t

The Israel Lobby doesn’t exist. If you are inclined to suggest otherwise, do not be surprised if you get arrested some time soon. As the non existent Lobby steadily accumulates more and more influence, the louder and more emphatically, does it declare that all references to what they call” Jewish Power”, are antisemitic incidents.  The perpetrators, be they Christians, Muslims, or Jews will get their just deserts, and their behaviour will swell the antisemitic incident figures in CST’s next apocalyptic report.

This is the anatomy of a non event. It was all a collective dream.

If you are not acquainted let me introduce you to Simon Johnson, CEO  of the Jewish Leadership Council.

Simon Johnson
Take a close look at Simon Johnson, the most dangerous man in the country if you care at all about your freedom of expression.

Earlier this week the Chairman of the JLC, ” Sir” Mick Davis presented himself at 10 Downing Street, together with his Mick selected entourage. This for his annual updating of David Cameron on what are the  Zionist requirements of the government. Requirements  you can be sure will be met in full, plus some. This years briefing was cosier than ever, with Cameron clutching the £1.4 million Mick had bunged him, and Mick clutching the knighthood that had come his way in reciprocation. This was ostensibly in recognition of a whole back breaking year Mick had spent chairing some obscure committee or other.

In reference to the meeting Mick declared

As Jews, we are facing a rising tide of anti-Semitism and anti-Israel rhetoric”. 

These two expressions are increasingly being used in tandem.  In the first instance, the perception of increases in antisemitism is talked up as much as possible. There are numerous techniques and strategies employed here. This web site will take a close look at the main ones in due course.

Then there is the drip drip feeding of the idea that ” anti Israel rhetoric ” fuels this antisemitism.

This being the case, it is obvious that ” anti Israel rhetoric” must be stamped on. This “stamping on ” is in full swing and adds up to the most determined, coordinated assault on the traditional British right to free expression, in modern ” normal” times.

The Churches and seats of learning are easy meat. Politicians,  only marginally less so. Simple, well practiced techniques of bullying and blackmail work just fine. And always the antisemite card hovers overhead like a Sword of Damocles.

 ” I’m Jewish. It takes Jewish privilege to be able to say this. It should not. But to actually question the dogma around antisemitism itself, is one of the ultimate taboos. It’s at the very foundations of the Zionist enterprise.

Antisemitism is a terrorist weapon. It is used to terrify the world into observing Zionist taboos through fear of losing social standing, being labeled a racist, being fired, exiled, diminished, hounded……

…expect more assaults on free speech, the mines in the minefield are going to be increasingly sensitive. Expect increased casualties of public figures. Expect people to become more reticent about saying stuff; expect media and social media to clamp down on any anti-Israel sentiment.Because otherwise, you know, at this rate, we European Jews will all going to the gas soon. Yawn.”

……………Aaron Dover.

In his Jewish News article on the subject of the Cameron briefing Simon Johnson refers to the JLC having secured control of what conferences may take place at the University of Exeter,  what their content may be, and who should attend them. Having previously told us that the Exeter coup was a template for extending this control to the whole of the Higher Education sector, he now tells us that the Department of Education will play an important role in conveying their ” messages“. That is, a major department of state is reduced  to the role of gopher for The State of Israel’

Working with central government means that we are likely to see further such initiatives in the future as our messages drip down through the Department for Education and to decision makers within universities.” 

He further tells us……

“We first put together a long list of agenda items, which was then pared down to a definitive list in consultation with our members, but also taking advice from others, such as Interlink, and the Israeli Embassy.”

Take a moment out to get your head around this. The Jewish Leadership Council, in preparing for a meeting with the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, sought, and obtained, advice from the embassy of a foreign power.

It should be noted that the Zionist lobby is alone in being granted this annual audience.

Of course, paradoxically, the least powerful are tougher nuts because they are less vulnerable to politically motivated blackmail and bullying.

What to do about the street fighters? The answer here is to secure as much control as possible of law enforcement agencies.  There is a long term strategy to have existing laws changed in favour of the requirements of The State of Israel. The JLC can’t be seen to be too close to this strategy. So, for example, it pays sans culottes organisations like North West Friends of Israel to campaign for the abolition of The Human Rights Act, assisted by Labour MP’s John Mann and Ivan Lewis. Not to mention the EDL. , and to troll and threaten miscreants on social media.

However, Mick Davis did let the mask slip last year when he told us that anti Israel demonstrations should be subject to a strict quota. Presumably a quota agreed between himself and David Cameron.

Law change can, of course, be a long time coming. In the meantime control of how existing law is applied is being obtained at an alarming and accelerating rate. Jewish organisations are now exempt from the law as it pertains to impersonating police officers. Space precludes giving a full catalogue of strange police decisions relating to prosecutions and public order enforcements. This is for  another day.

However, you can take it that the Community Security Trust and its ” partners in the police and at the Home Office”,  are at the forefront of these trends.

Take a good look at  Mark Gardner of the CST, the second most dangerous man in the country, if you care at all about your civil liberties.

Mark is a big buddy of Paul Giannasi.


Paul Giannasi

Paul who ? Giannasi is a police superintendent “ working within the Home Office“. He and Gardner attended and spoke at a recent Symposium on Holocaust Education. It has been said that they entered and left the meeting holding hands. I am sure the hand holding was entirely metaphorical.

Holocaust education is a fine thing of course, but what on earth were Gardner and Giannasi doing there ?  You have probably guessed by now that they weren’t there to talk on education about the Holocaust.

GARDNER  “The  BDS movement may not be motivated by antisemitism but certainly causes it”

No comment, you should by now be able to work it out for yourself.

GIANNASI ” Legitimate protest is the easiest place for illegitimate protest to occur.

Presumably then, just to be on the safe side, legitimate protest has to be kept to a minimum.

GIANNASI ” BDS provides a challenge to policing. What is REASONABLE  legitimate protest ?”

He doesn’t know what legitimate protest is ? Most of us would feel that it is protest that is consistent with the law of the land. It is a perfectly well understand, objective notion. I am not a lawyer, but so far as I am aware, none of the relevant legislation requires that protest be reasonable. So police officers will be ( indeed are being) required not only to judge whether protest is lawful but also whether Zionists will regard it as reasonable. Should they be uncertain, you can be sure Mark Gardner will be close by to advise. Should Mark be taking a well earned break, there is always Shomrim, in their brightly coloured pretend police cars.

Image result for Shomrim

Image result for police cars

The Lobby below is not real either.

Boycott the Zionist Federation Annual Lobby Day For Israel

They would have to have been  kidding of course, since they are saying that the lobby is in partnership with  Christian Friends of Israel. We are all too familiar with CFI’s ultimate plan for these Jewish guys and gals. I mean, they can’t possibly be putting the perceived interests of the idol they call The State of Israel ahead of their eschatological fate. Can they ?  Is it really possible that they accept the options of converting or burning in hell?  If that were so it would be fascinating to know which option they would choose. I guess it is always possible they are relying on the probability that they will be the hell out of here well before the end times

Will the Archbishop of Canterbury be there I wonder ?

The Cameron briefing meeting was interesting for other reasons too.

The gathering of the ” delegates ” outside number 10 descended into farce. The JLC has long made a big issue of its women in leadership initiatives. Yet it turned out that of 11 reps of JLC constituent orgs selected by Mick,  10 were male. The sole female selected by Mick was Hannah Brady, president of the Union of Jewish Students. The tokenism here was starkly illustrated by several other selectees approaching Rosa Doherty, who was there as a JC reporter, and asking her if she was Hannah.

A merry old time is being had by many over this. Even Stephen Pollard, the racist editor of the Jewish Chronicle, was moved to suggest….

” maybe they think all women look the same” 

Hannah all on her lonesome, carrying the torch

Most interestingly of all, the meeting was a stark confirmation and illustration of the dire state and status of the Board of deputies. Jonathan Arkush was selected on the strength of being President of the BoD, a constituent organisation of the JLC.

In the light of this, Jonny “ export peace dont’t import conflict” Arkush, and his one man forlorn  turf war with Mick Davis and the JLC, is looking manifestly and increasingly ridiculous.

Money talks, Arkush walks. Only Arkush seems incapable of grasping this.

The Board’s status is exactly the same as that of the UJS and some local Rep Council. Arkush’ participation, in anything more than bullying an Anglican priest, or some obscure member of the Scottish Parliament, is entirely dependent on being selected by Mick Davis.

Both the JLC and David Cameron fully understand this.

PM meeting with Jewish Leadership Council: January 2016

David Cameron welcomed the Jewish Leadership Council to Downing Street earlier today.

Following the Prime Minister’s meeting with the Jewish Leadership Council today a Downing Street spokesperson said:

The Prime Minister met the Jewish Leadership Council earlier today at Downing Street for their annual meeting to discuss issues of importance to the Jewish community and to celebrate their huge contribution to the UK.

It was, of course, being marginalised at the 2012 Cameron briefing that triggered Arkush’ most famous wobbler. A wobbler that caused Mick Davis  to describe his position as ” untenable” and to threaten to pull the financial plug on the Board.

Arkush only saved his ” community politics” career by issuing the most grovelling of grovelling apologies, and by sobbing that he had been ” unwell“.  An apology that led the Jewish News to declare that he had ” lost all credibility“.






2 thoughts on “The Israel Lobby that isn’t”

  1. Just a correction … Christian Friends of Israel is a UK group that has no connection to John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel, which Hagee attempted to launch in the UK in 2015, only 40 or so years after Christian Friends of Israel was formed.

    But hey … I’m sure you don’t want any facts to get in the way of a good rant.


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