The Labour Party’s Problem with Muslims.

Given recent declarations of how seriously the Labour Party takes racism within it’s ranks we presumably can look forward to a  weed out of party members associated with the Muslim baiting Henry Jackson Society. Here we are not talking about a handful of fringe idiots but MP’s, members of the shadow cabinet and former ministers.

HJS is a rabid Zionist organisation whose raison d’etre is to demonise the Muslim population in this country. It was named by the respected anti fascist organisation, Hope Not Hate, as one of the organisations primarily responsible for ” dragging anti Muslim hate into the mainstream.” It’s founding signatories include Stephen Pollard, the racist editor of the Jewish Chronicle, and his mate, the ferociously anti Corbyn propagandist, Oliver Kamm.

Henry Jackson Society is firmly in the grip of its Director Alan Mendoza, and Associate Director, Douglas Murray.

Mendoza is of the view that the increasing European Muslim population is to blame for Europe’s “anti-Israel feelings”, and that the voices of Muslims “are heard well above the average Europeans”.

As for Murray, where to start.

Marko Attila Hoare was a senior figure in HJS, before leaving a year after Murray arrived, saying that Murray’s views had become the politics of the whole organisation. The whole organisation, as stated above, includes a goodly few senior Labour Party figures. Hoare goes on to explain that his opposition to Murray’s anti Muslim expressions had driven him out of the organisation.

This is an echo of James Brandon’s explanation of why he left Murray’s previous organisation, Centre for Social Cohesion.

It is extremely tedious  detailing  Murray’s expressions of racism, not least because  to do it justice would be a life time’s work. So just a taster….

Murray feels that ” things have to be made harder for Muslims all round.

Murray complains that in 23 of London’s 33 boroughs, ” white Britons are in a minority.”

Murray regards the presence of Muslims as ” White Britons abolishing themselves and silently accepting the loss of their country.”

Murray regards the presence of Muslims in Europe as an “infestation.

Murray is Britain’s very own Donald Trump ( albeit not running for office ) and thinks all immigration into Europe must be stopped’

Murray thinks that “ tolerating Islam is suicide.

Murray travelled to Athens with Mad Mel Philips in an attempt to persuade the authorities there not to allow the building of a mosque in that city.

Murray professes an ” understanding ”  of the English Defence League, and is of the opinion that the emergence of the  EDL is what one would expect to happen ” when the centre fails to hold.”  Needless to say the EDL are fans of Murray too.

Another interesting mutual admiration society is Murray and Robert Spencer. Murray regards Spencer as a friend and  a ” very brilliant scholar and writer“. Spencer, of course, is editor of Jihad Watch and someone with such extreme anti Muslim views even our present Home Secretary saw fit to deny him, along with Pamela Geller, entry into this country.

The following senior Labour figures sit on the HJS policy council. Presumably  their membership won’t survive the proposed rule changes very long.

Margaret Becket

Hazel Blears

Ben Bradshaw

Chris Bryant

Dai Havard

Meg Munn

Jim Murphy

John Spellar

Gisela Stuart

Derek Twigg

Lord Dibs

Lord Moonie

Lord Triesman

Lord West


















5 thoughts on “The Labour Party’s Problem with Muslims.”

  1. There are a few mistakes here. Oliver Kamm is not a senior Labour figure. He is a reactionary banker. I agree with the general thrust though I’m surprised u seem to be looking forward to me being despatched. Since nothing I have ever said is anti-Semitic, on the contrary I led the campaign against Gilad Atzmon and his supporters in and around the Palestine solidarity movement, there is no reason for my expulsion.

    You also missed out a very key member of the HJS. He is not a Labour figure but is much more powerful. William Shawcross, Chairman of the Charity Commission. He is pursuing the racist agenda of the HJS against Islamic charities and should be chased out.

    I was thinking of blogging on this at some point. Otherwise it is a good post!


  2. Well I couldn’t bear to leave Oliver out.

    I understand all of that. I also understand that when dealing with the Hasbarafia truth and falseness are concepts they are not remotely interested in. They are completely devoid of moral compass.


    1. @Edward

      “From the River to the Sea,
      Pal-e-SWINE Will Never Be!”
      You’re fuckin’ jokin’ Eddie boy
      Israel’s finished, why be so coy
      Viva Palestina you’ll sing one day
      And cry for the chidren you took away
      Zionism’s dying, on it’s bed
      The games nearly over little Ted


  3. @Tony
    “I’m surprised u seem to be looking forward to me being despatched.”
    Are we reading the same blog Tony?
    When you say;
    “Since nothing I have ever said is anti-Semitic
    (I’ll be the judge of that 🙂 ), on the contrary I led the campaign against Gilad Atzmon and his supporters in and around the Palestine solidarity movement, there is no reason for my expulsion.”

    It appears Tony that you have been given the same treatment that you gave Roy Bard, namely, Guilt By Association. Both cases are unjust, though there is a sense of poetic justice to be savoured.
    Like you, Roy Bard has said nothing anti-Semitic. He merely gave an ear to a man struggling to come to terms with his racist upbringing. Tony you may think your being Jewish somehow gives you entitlement to be some kind of Anti-Semitic Witch finder General, but it does not.
    Atzmon is from a family of self-righteous murderers. In his youth he was surrounded by extreme Zionist Israeli Jews.
    For the past 20+ years he has spoken up for the Palestinian people without pause. It is understandable that he is going to be extremely critical of his Jewish heritage in order to dissociate and distant himself from his past.
    Atzmon has been metaphorically pissed and shat on by his own people and in a way I think he thinks he deserved it, maybe as some kind of token penance/ payment for the shit his tribe has perpetrated on Palestine.
    If you and Gilad could somehow find common ground and then with his mind and your compendium of all things Jewish and your literary skills, maybe some advancements could be made regarding the Palestinian Struggle, rather than platform for your massive egos. Humility is the way forward, believe me.
    You’ve got to admit Palestinian solidarity is dominated by Jews squabbling amongst themselves and that ain’t right, is it?
    Tony it may make you feel good being a self-righteous Jew but it isn’t helping the Palestinians now is it?
    The way you ceaselessly battle with each other, taking the focus off Palestine, leaves me wondering that you’re both Israeli agents 🙂 .
    Look Tony, Atzmon isn’t a racist. He’s a sensitive vulnerable man who’s trying to make sense of his complex upbringing, which he covers with big bravado. Give him some slack and while you’re at it give yourself some to. If you step back from the coal face for a while you’ll actually see something that was there all the time, a common desire for acceptance, forgiveness and peace.


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