Owen Jones and his Problem with racism

What Owen Jones pretends not to get about this JLM thing is that the issue is racism and his cheerful collusion with it..

What he probably genuinely fails to grasp is that he has, in one fell swoop, thrown away any right to be taken seriously on racism, socialism, union busting and sexual violence.

Owen is a strange one. Some say he has sold out and is best now described as a former socialist. This, it is suggested, is because he is a shameless careerist. I think the idea that he is motivated by careerism has zilch credibility. The problem with Owen is not careerism but his gut wrenching narcissism.

Ordinarily, when a journalist has something on his/her mind, he or she starts scribbling. Not Owen. He heads off to the nearest video camera so that both he and we can be treated to another Owen action video. He is primarily motivated by an an insatiable need to look at himself and have us look at him. This need detracts and distracts from what he has to say. This also causes him to be happy to have his picture taken hugging just about ANYONE. He calls this propensity ” not being a dick.”  If you say so Owen.

When we have another neoliberal led Labour Party Owen will have a lot to answer for. But that is an argument for another day.

What disturbs me most is Owen’s seemingly ambivalent attitude towards racism. He has firmly established, by his rapidly developing relationship with the ultra racist and anti socialist Jewish Labour Movement, that his anti racism is, at best, highly selective.

Hands up if two years ago ago, you had heard of the Jewish Labour movement. I hadn’t either. It had been dormant for a good while. Then fresh life was breathed into it as part of the invocation of the Zionist nuclear option against the Labour Party.

When Jeremy Corbyn was elected leader of the Labour Party the Zionists, in an unholy symbiotic alliance with the PLP  hard right, tried to weaken him  by accusations of antisemitism. This was an abject failure. He just went on getting stronger. Then when the Gerald Kaufman thing blew up they switched the focus. Now Corbyn was tolerant of antisemitism in the Party. His arrival had opened the antisemitism flood gates. Bah blah blah.

The important thing to remember here is they didn’t expect to get too much out of this. But to their amazement, Corbyn, under the malign influence of Lansman, Jamie Schneider and Owen Jones, and the naive influence of McDonnell, rolled over at the first wiff of grapeshot. He has remained prostrate before them ever since.

While amazed they weren’t dazed. Or at least they didn’t remain dazed for long.  They almost immediately saw an opportunity. This was no less  than an opportunity to literally take over, from within,  one of Europes great political parties so far as attitudes to The State of Israel was concerned, and regulate all discourse within the party about that racist kleptomaniacal entity.

This is not the time to discuss all the elements in the invocation of this AIPAC inspired option. We are concerned here with the JLM and its crucial role. The JLM chair, the hopelessly ineffectual Louise Ellman was elbowed aside, and replaced with a” professional”. That is, the notorious perjurer and would be union buster, Jeremy Newmark, was ” elected” to take her place.

The JLM is essentially a wing of the Israeli Labor Party, which was the inspiration of, and is the bedrock of,  the simple  racist creed that underpins the State of Israel enterprise. That is, as much land as possible, as few Arabs as possible. JLM is nothing less than the emanation of the State  of Israel in the Labour Party. It is affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation  which pumps billions into the Israeli illegal colonies. As such it is signed up to the Jerusalem Declaration the  stated aim of which is the settling of ” Eretz Israel” ( greater Israel.)

JLM and Labour Friends of Israel love to describe the Israeli Labor Party as ” Labour’s sister party. ” The only historical similarity between the two has been that the names are almost spelt the same.  That said the current Reign of Terror is so successful that the claim of sisterhood looks more and more credible by the day.

Herzog, the current leader of the Labor Party declared that his worst nightmare is that one day there will be  an Arab PM of Israel, and then promptly went on to lecture Jeremy Corbyn on racism !!!!

Newmark is very ubiquitous. He has a central role in the increasingly successful efforts to constrain discourse about Israel and keep it within bounds that are felt to be safe and ” acceptable”.

He was appointed to the steeering committee of The Global Coalition For Israel ( now defunct) by THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT.

He also is a man without any semblance of a scruple or any hint of moral compass.

He was a prime mover in, and instigator of,  the FUCU case, an attempt to bust a trade union  by falsely branding it antisemitic and crippling it with over £600,000 of legal costs.

In the event the Tribunal contemptuously dismissed the case as an ” impermissable attempt to  achieve  a political end by litiguous means”. The Zionist establishment had to hurriedly pass the hat around to pay the costs that they had assumed the union would be paying.

Newmark gave lengthy melodramatic evidence . The Tribunal declared …….

His evidence was “ untrue as other more truthful witnesses for the complainant had testified”

Newmark was engaged in an attempt ” to stifle plurality and diversity”

Newmark was  ” arrogant”       “ preposterous”     ” a liar

The alarm bells about Jones first rang  when a photo appeared of him all huggy  with Newmark, the horrible little thug Ella Rose, Director of JLM on secondment from the Israeli Embassy and a delegate from the Israeli Labor Party.

This is  same Ella Rose that wants to literally ” take out ” Jackie Walker because she is the wrong kind of Jew. That is. black and non Zionist.

OK, its the evening of the last day of the Labour Party Conference. It’s a party. We can all get unguarded at a party and find ourselves getting our mug shots taken hugging people that the next day we wish we hadn’t hugged.

However, this was just a few hours after Owen had sat in the hall at the Labour Party conference and listened to the JLM  calling for a continuation of  the McNicol purges !!!

These suspicions were proved to be amply justified when the astonishing news broke that Owen is to headline at the JLM’s inaugural Henry Smith lecture .It is impossible to overestimate the shock and horror this has provoked in many socialists and  anti racists , including many that had hitherto regarded themselves as Owen ” fans”.

Now I am not among those who say that Owen should not do this. If I were consequential enough to be invited to do so  I would.  I would regard it  as a great opportunity to  tell JLM  a lot of stuff they don’t want to hear and ask a lot of questions they don’t want to answer. It is not Owen’s presence that will damn him. What will damn him is what he is going to say.

It is clear that Newmark thinks he has caught a live tame one. Sadly Owen’s responses  ( and some lack of responses) to the criticism he is getting over this, do nothing to disabuse the JLM  of this notion.

Owen is going to tell us all about the ficticious antisemitism problem on the left in general, and the Labour Party in particular. He is going to spout  all the much loved drivel  that filters down from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, through the Embassy, through the UK  front organisations, to the hapless rest of us. We will hear about how Israel is all about the self determination of the Jewish people. For ” self determination ” read ” we can do whatever the fuck we want”.  Sadly they can.

We will hear about how Owen supports the Two State Delusion. And how he wants self determination for the Palestinian people too. He won’t mention how Israel holds a veto and it is Israel that determines the lot of the Palestinians , and will continue to do so until the world takes some effective action.  We will  here a lot about ” peace” and very little about justice. We will be told how we should export peace not import conflict. We will hear a lot about building bridges. We won’t be reminded that it is bridges that kept apartheid South Africa afloat for so long.  We won’t have it pointed out that the peace seemingly on offer is Pax Israeliana.

And Newmark will sit through it with the usual supercilious smirk on his face.

And Owen will get a standing O. Maybe several.

You don’t feel inclined to take my word for it ? How about Sara Sackman?

The ” lecture” is  in the form of Owen in conversation with Sara. Sara is very excited about it all. She  is just sooooooo looking forward to conversing with  Owen who she tells us is  ” a thoughtful critic of Israeli government policy “


Critic of Israeli government policy.

Geddit ?

And there will be gushing fawning praise from the Jewish News and Jewish Chronicle, those twin pillars of the Zionist gutter press, which Owen will love. This will the real reward for his complicity. He has already given an interview to the JC  whose editor is a founding signatory to the Muslim hating/baiting Henry Jackson Society, that Hope Not Hate fingered as “ dragging hatred of Muslims into the mainstream” . In this interview he makes some exceedingly dubious statements, including the the blatant lie that only 1% of Jews are non Zionists.

And there will be the inevitable photo ops, heavily featuring Newmark and Ella Rose, newly arrived from the Israeli Embassy.  This, I think, is going to be the hardest bit for me to stomach.

JLM, of course are a major force that drove and continue to drive the McNicol purges. Newmark was in constant contact with Mac, encouraging him and pointing him in ” directions”. Owen’s indulgence of JLM  is an unequivocal declaration of which side he is on.

Speaking of sides…………Ella Rose of course is the horrible thug that threatened violence against Jackie Walker. This in the context of JLM  being in the van of the blatently racist  harassment of Jackie, who they regard as being the wrong kind of Jew. That is, black and non Zionist. Newmark calls her  a ” court Jew”, which is an equivalent of a ” house nigger”.

The Rose/walker thing is not going away and it is not possible to be neutral about it. So when Owen is hugging Rose while he smirks at the camera, we can take it as another declaration of where he stands.

Owen is, of course, not short of justifications for his relationship with JLM. Some of them are excrutiatingly embarrassing.  Notably, that the JLM cannot be all bad because they endorsed Rhea Wolfson’s successful bid to get elected to the NEC.

I cannot believe Owen is so naive as to not have asked himself how and why this came to be. Someone as close to Corbyn’s ” team” as he claims to be will know perfectly well.

How did an organisation so firmly on the Labour Party hard right, ninety four per cent of whose members voted for Owen Smith in the leadership election, come to endorse  an unimpeachable Corbynista like Rhea ?

The answer is that it was a part of Jon Lansman’s plan to stitch up Ken Livingstone.  Lansman is forever telling us that he works closely with Newmark, and how distressed he gets whenever Newmark is upset.

It will be recalled that in April last year Ken made some remarks that the Zionists, whose grip on the Party was tightening by the day, denounced as being antisemitic. Ken was duly suspended “ pending investigation “.  Now how long would you expect an investigation into a couple of sentences to take ? Five minutes ?

Except that the NEC elections were fast approaching and the ultra Zionist Lansman saw an opportunity  to increase the Zionist representation on the committee.  He made a public call for Ken to retire from public life and then on May 10th published the ” centre left slate”  that he expected all self respecting lefties should vote for. Six names for six grass roots places. Ordinarily, of course, Ken would have been one of the names and would have been a shoe in. But Lansman, being privy to all the “problem with antisemitism ” shenanigans knew that Ken would still be suspended when nominations closed on June 24th.

On May 10th Lansman announced that Ken had been replaced on the slate by Rhea Wolfson.

For Lansman Rhea dots all the i’s and crosses all the t’s. Her Corbynista credentials may be impeccable but so are her hard core Zionist credentials. Also her lack of any discernible integrity or sense of honour,  and her naked ambition, ensured that she would go along with the wheeze.


Rhea quickly declared that ” Jews have been excluded from the Labour Party for too long.”  Get your head around that if you possibly can. Then Lansman proceeded to hawk her around Momentum meetings.

Newmark for his part, got a JLM  member and a committed apologist for  Israeli barbarism, onto the NEC. Newmark, of course, has only one interest in the Labour Party and that is to make it as tolerant of Israeli atrocities as possible. His interest in the make up of the NEC  does not extend beyond this. His interest in other issues is as close to nil as makes no difference.


Rhea continues to play her part well. At the recent compliance unit meeting that led to Jackie Walker and Marc Wadsworth being referred to the secretive NCC ( presumably operating out of room 101), it was Rheas’s ” impassioned pleas ” that swung the day  so far as these referrals are concerned. This is to say, if, as seems likely, Jackie and Marc are expelled from the party, many fingers will be pointing at Rhea. And. of course, at Jones.

It gets worse.

Owen asks us to note that JLM  have been appointed to the equalities sub committee of the NEC., ” by the party leadership“. Well I have got news for Owen. It has been noted.

Owen seems to think this proves something. I am not sure what. For Owen this does not seem to be further proof of the scale of corruption pertaining in the Party machinery. It does not seem to be further proof of the startling level of influence a racist agency of a foreign power, led by a notorious perjurer and would be union buster, has secured in the Party. For Owen this is not something to be outraged over but something to be welcomed. There is no sense that Owen grasps the absurdity of this situation.

Alice, it gets worserer and worserer.

Owen tells us that ” socialists have a responsibility to stand with Jewish people and to be seen to stand with Jewish people. It’s in that spirit that I’m attending the JLM event.”

That is, Owen equates the British wing of the neofascist Israeli Labor Party with ” Jewish people”.


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