Then along came Jeremy Corbyn…………

A politician with a difference we were told. And at first he behaved for all the world as if he WAS different. Or at least made all the right noises. A man unfettered by the extremes of self serving personal interest and ambition that we are used to seeing in those that would  “serve” us. A man we could trust. At last what was supposed to be a socialist party had a socialist leader with the added bonus that it was plain to see that here we had an honest man.

Well we bought it and on a massive scale. Even a died in the wool cynic like me was moved to join a political party for the first time in his life.

When evidence began to emerge that all of this might be a fiction we put aside our discomfort and went into denial.

We put aside our troubled feelings as Corbyn failed to display any real comradely support in the face of  the McNicol/ Newmark purges. The victims were persecuted in Corbyn’s service. They were targeted by the  thousands because they were identified as being likely to vote Corbyn in his second leadership election, and/ or they were identified by Newmark as having an unwelcome attitude to The State of Israel. All kinds of laughable pretexts for those witch hunted were  invented but nobody could deny what was happening and keep a straight face.

Now it was understandable Corbyn couldn’t make a fuss during his election campaign. He would have been represented as making excuses in advance of an election defeat. But after his resounding victory there was no longer such a restraint. Yet his back stabbing silence continued. An honest and grateful man would have demanded the re instatement of his supporters in the loudest possible terms and would have continued with these demands until they were met. It should be the first thing on Corbyn’s mind when he wakes up every morning and would be if he was the man that received wisdom holds that he is. His cynical casting aside of these people now he doesn’t have any further use for them tells us that Corbyn can back stab with the very best.

Disposable supporters are not the only ones that have felt the pressure of Corbyn’s knife between their shoulder blades. For many years Corbyn postured as a friend of the Palestinian people, and an uncompromising advocate of their rights. It seems that this was a sham. Doubtless he feels no further need for this particular charade.

He seems to have calculated that his interests lie in the direction of courting the racist anti socialists in the Party that are implacable enemies of Palestinian people

As I have said we have been in denial. We have loved the Corbyn we thought we had  too much to give up on it. We no longer have that option. His abuse of the family of Del Singh, who had been a personal friend of Corbyn makes that impossible.

In order to get a proper sense of the full horror of this abuse, it is necessary, to get a fix on the Jewish Labour Movement and its leader Jeremy Newmark, who was once famously described as “ a brown shirt for Israel.”

The JLM had been a dormant affiliate of the Party for decades. Then in 2016, as part of the Israel lobby’s invocation of the AIPAC inspired nuclear option against the Labour Party, it was resuscitated and Newmark “ elected” as its leader.

It describes the Israeli Labor Party, which spawned the Israeli colonialist expansion in the ME, as it’s sister party. It is affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation, that pours billions into the support and expansion of Israeli colonies in the West Bank. It is signed up to the Jerusalem Declaration, which is a call to settle Eretz Israel. It is affiliated to the Zionist Federation of Great Britain, notorious for its links to the far right, notably the EDL and Britain First. Links maintained by it’s erstwhile Vice Chair, Jonathan Hoffman. It is the emanation of The State of Israel in the Labour Party.

Newmark is an ex CEO  of the JLC. However, he has long had a wider role functioning as a kind of quartermaster for the lobby. It was he who organised the funds for the abomination that is Israction day. It was he who organised the funding for the disastrous assault on the Universities and College Union and doubtless who organised the £600,000 to pay the costs award the union obtained.

Let us be clear. This was a highly organised attempt by the lobby to bust a trade union. The aim was to get the union branded anti-Semitic. This and an astronomical legal costs liability would have been a double whammy that killed the union off.

Newmark gave lengthy evidence in the case and was branded by the Tribunal as an arrogant, preposterous liar, with a worrying disregard for pluraliy and diversity. That is Newmark lied his butt off in a court of law in an attempt to bust a trade union. It is this man that Corbyn and Lansman prostrates thmselves before at every opportunity.

Del Singh was a friend of Corbyn. He was a tireless worker for human rights and a highly active aid worker. He was a passionate campaigner on behalf of the Palestinian people to a degree that got him permanently banned from Israel and the territories in 2006. In 2014 he was murdered by the Taliban in Kabul.

At this years LP conference a smirking Corbyn presented the JLM with the Del Singh Memorial Award, citing it as being for outstanding campaigning. Somebody seems to have forgotten to tell someone that it should be awarded for campaigning for the LP not for campaigning for the state of Israel.

The family were hurt and horrified at the using of Del’s name in the context of an award to an organisation that “ opposes much of what Del Stood for “  . The JLM, the statement says have ” tirelessly defended the human rights abuses of the Israeli occupation that Del spoke so passionately against.”

They are demanding an apology and the revocation of the award.

The ironies are multiple. Not least that if Del had lived the JLM  would be branding him as anti-Semitic and Newmark, backed up by Lansman, would have arranged for McNicol to expel him from the Party.

There are those who feel the family will get the apology and revocation they deserve. History is not on the side of this optimism. The hasbarafia do not readily take a step backwards. Newmark has chillingly announced that he plans to “ meet with the family in due course. “ This is code for they are going to be leant on very heavily and subjected to the usual cocktail of threats and blackmail. Lansman will be backing Newmark as per and Corbyn will look on in his usual craven silence.

Full text of the statement from Del Singh’s family can be read here.


It gets worse or to say the least it doesn’t get any better.

The strategy of Lansman and Chakrabarti at this years conference was to make one last big indulgence of the JLM  and the lobby in general and then ” we can move on”.  It is becoming increasingly obvious that Lansman has some kind of learning disability and has infected his new ally Chakrabarti with it.

Once you have entered into what Mark Braverman calls The Fatal Embrace with the lobby,  moving on is virtually impossible. Once you have supped with this particular devil you don’t easily walk out of it, anymore than anyone leaves the mafia.

The great last indulgence was the rule change. A change that not only makes saying and/or doing stuff that displeases the Israeli Embassy an expellable offence but which makes THINKING the wrong kind of stuff an expellable offence too.  You can be expelled for having the wrong thoughts. How your thoughts are to be policed, we are not told. Probably Jeremy Preposterous Arrogant Liar Newmark voicing his suspicions about your thoughts to McNicol, will be good enough.

This bullshit was signed off at a pre conference meeting between Newmark and Chakrabarti.

Witness Chakrabarti’s abject panic at Len McCluskey’s mood music comments. These threatened to ” upset” Newmark and thereby undermine the entire moving on strategy.

This strategy is of course, so naive it almost beggars belief. Within a few hours of conference ending JLM  were demanding the expulsion of Naomi Wimbourne – Idrissi who had made an unwelcome conference speech. They then immediately moved on to Moshe Machover who they labelled ” an immoral historian.”

This put McNicol in one hell of a fix. McNicol is not the brightest bulb in the chandelier but he is not entirely stupid. He immediately grasped two seemingly irreconcilable facts.

Firstly, Jeremy Preposterous Arrogant Liar Newmark had to be satisfied. Far from allowing the party to  ” move on” the Israelists, as they invariably do, pocketed the Danegeld without so much as a thank you. They had immediately demanded that the LP demonstrate its seriousness by instituting a further purge of socialists and others with the wrong attitude to Israel. That Newmark must not be ” upset” was an unwritten Party rule established by Lansman. They had not been really serious in the case of Idrissi, but were deadly serious in insisting that Moshe Machover had to go.

Secondly, McNicol knew this would be near impossible. The charge of ” antisemitism” would have to be ” investigated”. Moshe is 81 years old, a life long socialist, antiracist and a world famous professor of logic, philosophy and mathematics. Faced with his razor sharp mind, plus his legal advice, McNicols dim witted gopher ” investigators” would be torn to shreds and precedents would be set that would be a great protection for future McNicol/ Newmark targets.

What to do ?

Well someone, probably not a million miles from the CST,  had a brilliant idea. They came up with the wheeze of switching the charge of antisemitism to a charge of associating with organisations other than the Labour Party.

This is not the place to discuss the details they can best be found here…….


The great beauty of this wheeze is that the Party rules provide for ” auto exclusion ” when JLM level this particular charge. That is, the compliance unit simply write you a letter telling you that you are expelled. No investigation, no defence, no appeal. Thats it. You are out. In the month leading up to the 1916 leadership election 618 socialists and/or non Israelists were expelled in this way.

It is even cleverer than just this. Not only does Newmark get rid of Moshe, but now there is no ” investigation” of an antisemitism charge, with all it’s attendant dangers,  because Moshe is not now a member of the party !!!!!!!!!!

Where is Corbyn ?

Well he wasn’t quite as deadly silent as he was in the Del Singh case. He said ” we do not comment on disciplinary matters”.

That craven reaction is not good enough.  Corbyn has run out of slack on these issues. It is time for him to declare, uniquivocably, which side he is on.

Now lest I be misunderstood. I sincerely hope Corbyn gets to be Prime Minister, and afterwards gets promoted to God, should there be a vacancy.  But it is not certain. The bubble may implode and he may sink back into near obscurity. In this case he  will have to hurry past the ghosts of Del Singh, Moshe Machover , Jackie Walker, Marc Wadsworth and the thousands of nameless los desaparecidos. Now he won’t have his principles and the comradeship of those that shared those principles to keep him warm. Certainly Lansman, Jones etc won’t be anywhere to be seen.

He is going to be a very lonely man.




  1. Very interesting Stephen. I understand now why I got kicked out and why I wasn’t charged with anything related to Israel and Palestine. Like you, I shall continue to hope that Corbyn becomes PM soon, the alternative is too horrid, but somewhere down the line the enemy agents in the party will have to be dealt with.


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