mummy’s gonna buy you a mocking bird

It is just hilarious watching Adam Langleben, who has played a leading role in whipping up the phony antisemitism frenzy, crying like a baby, when he thinks it cost him his council seat.

Adam looks like butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth but is no ingenue. He is on the, executive committee of the racist JLM, is employed by the wholly unelected, unaccountable and unacceptable ( Jonathathan Arkush ) JLC, effectively a front organisation for the Israeli Embassy. It was, of course Adam that secretly recorded Jackie Walker at a JLM ” training” session that was supposed to be a safe space.

Sadly there was a time when Adam was ok. A voice of reason. All that changed when he became a professional hasbarafioso.

Anyway here is Adam at a happier time in a happier place, the Israeli Knesset.


2 thoughts on “mummy’s gonna buy you a mocking bird”

  1. All paid for out of his own pocket no doubt. Just like the Labour ‘Friends of Israel’ MPs who catch the sun there on occasion.


  2. Stephen

    This post of yours only makes sense if the BoD, JLC and Arkush have done something awful to you.
    The language and content brings to mind that of a petulant school boy caught peeping into the girls changerooms and is now blustering for his lunch at dinner time to avert exposure to his dirty deeds


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