Chakrabarti, the JLM, and Training

The Director of the Jewish Labour Movement delivers training.

Education is a fine thing, that is pretty much a universally accepted sentiment. Who could argue against it.The problems arise when we turn to the question of who is to do the educating. Stalin thought education a great idea too.

Many in the Labour Party are telling us that the answer to the ( phony) antisemitism ” crisis” in the party is antisemitism education. Invariably those telling us this count themselves among those that understand. They don’t need any training, of course, its me and you that does.

When the nightmare that was Iain McNichol ended and he was replaced by Jennie Formby, it was widely felt that things were going to get much better and the wholly corrupt ” disciplinary process” would be replaced by an open process that respected the basic principles of natural justice.

Unfortunately  Jennie has been making noises that throw this assumption into some doubt, and that should cause us to feel very uneasy.

The Jewish Labour Movement tell us that they have been assured by Jennie that they will remain ” central to antisemitism training in the Party“. This could be untrue of course, they do make stuff up. I wouldn’t trust JLM any further than I could throw Eric Pickles.

At the same time Jennie assures us that the Chakrabarti report is to be implemented in full.

These two things cannot be true together. Chakrabarti had quite a bit to say about education and training. She makes the point that the Labour Movement has a rich tradition of teaching and learning that was firmly rooted in the Trade Unions.

She says

On reflection, and having gauged the range of feelings within the Party, it is not my view that narrow anti-racism training programmes are what is required. There is a grave danger that such an approach would seem patronising or otherwise insulting rather than truly empowering and enriching for those taking part. Instead, the Party’s values, mission and history could be firmly embedded in more comprehensive activism and leadership education designed to equip members for the organisational, electoral and representative challenges ahead.Now is a time to reassess broad-based education and training within the Labour Movement.”

And further

I recommend that the NEC set up a working group to assess education and training needs across the party with a view to working with trade union and higher education partners so as to offer practical and enriching values-lead programmes to members with varying needs and interests. In doing so, I recommend that the latest thinking in addressing unconscious bias be incorporated in this important work. The Party should consider the adoption of an over-arching Equal Opportunities Policy (with corresponding training for those in elected office and on the staff). There should also be a requirement that the equality and diversity impact of all staff recruitment and selection decisions be considered.”

And further

There should be specific training for all staff and members involved in the investigations and disciplinary process.”

Clearly what is envisaged is professionally constructed training, delivered by experienced and qualified persons and organisations. What is emphatically not envisaged is a couple of non experienced, unqualified, bigoted pip squeaks like Ella Rose and Adam Langleben, running around the country telling folks what they may and may not say about The State of Israel,  secretly recording participants and mining for material that might be used against them.

Langleben and Rose are JLM’S itinerant ” trainers” in chief. Rose was seconded to JLM by the Israeli Embassy and needs no further introduction, see video above. Langleben is famous for endlessly slagging off his own party while ” campaigning” in the May local elections and then crying like a baby when it cost him his council seat. He then subsequently had a mega hissy fit when he was refused entry to a meeting of an NEC  sub committee that he was not a member of and had not been invited to. This was, he implied, because he was Jewish.He is employed by the JLC, essentially an extension of the Israeli Embassy, and seems to spend most of his time trying to circumscribe talk about Israel in and around the Labour Party. This seems to be his JLC brief.

What Chakrabarti was emphatic about was that training should not be delivered by a particular faction. JLM is about as factional as it gets. It so firmly entrenched on the hard right of the party that 94% of its members voted for Owen Smith in the last leadership election and Richard Angell was able to say of the crook, would be union buster and money launderer, Jeremy Newark, ” I would happily put my name to anything Jeremy said.” And he did. In 2016 Angell published his eight point plan for party rule changes. This was dictated to him by Newmark, who was at this time the Chair of JLM, where he remained until they had to dump him and call in the cops.

JLM maintains close alliances with other hard right factions, and Corbyn is the cement. The other factions want to get rid of him but are having no success. JLM, on the other hand want to own him and are very close to doing so.

In any event allocating anti racism training role to the JLM  is akin to putting the fox in charge of hen house security.

Let’s take a closer look

Affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation that pumps hundreds of thousands of pounds every year into the Israeli colonising project.

Signed up to the Jerusalem Declaration whose  reason for being is the settlement of  “Eretz  Israel”

Affiliated to the Zionist Federation who brought us Mordechai Keder who advises that the best way to deter “ terrorists” is the rape of their mothers and sisters.

That is the self confessed emanation of the ultra racist Israeli Labor Party in the UK, and declares the ILP to be the sister party of the Labour Party, despite the two having absolutely nothing in common except the names are almost spelt the same.

The Party whose leader says……

“We will not sit in the same government as the Joint List I don’t see any [connection] between us.”

“ There is no need to remove settlements as part of a peace agreement”

“ The Arabs have to be afraid of us”

“The settlement [project] was and remains the beautiful and devoted face of Zionism,”

For us, the Jordan Valley was and will remain Israel’s eastern security buffer. And security requires settlement,”

“ The Jordan Valley will always be part of The State of Israel”

Whose last  leader declared his worst nightmare is that one day Israel will one day have an Arab Prime Minister and that “ we must not be seen as Arab lovers

Whose last but one leader declares “ to say the Labor Party is left wing is an historic wrong”

The way things are going we doubtless will see, following, the final capitulation at the July NEC meeting, JLM identified miscreants, being dispatched to their regional gulag for ” re-education” .


The IRR’s researches into Racism Awareness Training, widely adopted in the 1980s by many institutions and organisations, revealed that because of its emphasis on changing minds outside of any structural context, and it was usually delivered by black people ‘retraining’ whites, it played on guilt, made essentialist assumptions about inherent racisms and rarely led on to changed anti-racist behaviour.[7]

Any training, therefore, needs to be sensitively devised so as not to play on essentialist assumptions (i.e. that we are all victims or perpetrators by virtue of our race/ethnicity/religion). And such training should not set racism as a thing apart from other aspects of social justice and equality that the Labour Party as a whole stands for. In effect what is needed is a form of basic human rights training, which emphasises the universal values of fairness, non-discrimination, freedom of expression balanced by the rights of others, so that one people’s rights can’t be used to subvert other peoples’ rights.




4 thoughts on “Chakrabarti, the JLM, and Training”

  1. Since when has indoctrination been referred too as education or training, particularly with regards the JLM and cheerleaders in chief Langleben and Rose.

    Unless these two, and others belonging to JLM, hold professional qualifications they should not be allowed to give anyone any instruction whatsoever, so what gives I ask myself and why do these two Witchfinder Generals believe they are suitably qualified to pontificate on anything, never mind Antisemitism.

    Again, the arrogance of folks like Langleben and Rose is breathtaking, as is anyone taking anything they claim seriously – they are ardent Zionists with an agenda unsuitable to anyone who’s a member of the Labour Party – they should be expelled in my humble opinion.


  2. ‘Tweets by ‎@mishtal

    David Collier@mishtal

    It is 30 degrees outside and I haven’t seen anything but sunshine in London for weeks …..’

    …and on the very same blog

    ‘”The dark clouds gather for British Jews’

    Now, that is one confused, dishonest blogger I would say. 🙂


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