The real racism problem in the LP

Given recent declarations of how seriously the Labour Party takes racism within it’s ranks we presumably can look forward to a  weed out of party members associated with the Muslim baiting Henry Jackson Society. Here we are not talking about a handful of fringe idiots but MP’s, members of the shadow cabinet and former ministers.

HJS is a rabid Zionist organisation whose raison d’etre is to demonise the Muslim population in this country. It was named by the respected anti fascist organisation, Hope Not Hate, as one of the organisations primarily responsible for ” dragging anti Muslim hate into the mainstream.” It’s founding signatories include Stephen Pollard, the racist editor of the Jewish Chronicle, who is fond of declaring that ” Douglas Murray is right as ever “ and who seems to be of the view that there are good antisemites and bad antisemites. The good antisemites include far right European politicians that have an acceptable attitude to The State of Israel.

The Henry Jackson Society is firmly in the grip of its Director Alan Mendoza, and Associate Director, Murray.

Mendoza is of the view that the increasing European Muslim population is to blame for Europe’s “anti-Israel feelings”, and that the voices of Muslims “are heard well above the average Europeans”.

As for Murray, where to start.

Marko Attila Hoare was a senior figure in HJS, before leaving a year after Murray arrived, saying that Murray’s views had become the politics of the whole organisation. The whole organisation, as stated above, includes a goodly few senior Labour Party figures. Hoare goes on to explain that his opposition to Murray’s anti Muslim expressions had driven him out of the organisation.

This is an echo of James Brandon’s explanation of why he left Murray’s previous organisation, Centre for Social Cohesion.

It is extremely tedious  detailing  Murray’s racist rantings, not least because  to do it justice would be a life time’s work. So just a taster….

Murray feels that ” things have to be made harder for Muslims all round.“

Murray complains that in 23 of London’s 33 boroughs, ” white Britons are in a minority.”

Murray regards the presence of Muslims as ” White Britons abolishing themselves and silently accepting the loss of their country.”

Murray regards the presence of Muslims in Europe as an “infestation.“

Murray is Britain’s very own Donald Trump ( albeit not running for office ) and thinks all immigration into Europe ” must be stopped”

Murray thinks that “ tolerating Islam is suicide.“

Murray travelled to Athens with Mad Mel Philips in an attempt to persuade the authorities there not to allow the building of a mosque in that city.

Murray professes an ” understanding ”  of the English Defence League, and is of the opinion that the emergence of the  EDL is what one would expect to happen ” when the centre fails to hold.”  Needless to say the EDL are fans of Murray too.

Another interesting mutual admiration society is Murray and Robert Spencer. Murray regards Spencer as a friend and  a ” very brilliant scholar and writer“. Spencer, of course, is editor of Jihad Watch and someone with such extreme anti Muslim views even our present Home Secretary saw fit to deny him, along with Pamela Geller, entry into this country.

The following senior Labour figures sit on the HJS policy council. Presumably  their membership won’t survive the proposed rule changes very long.


Margaret Becket


Hazel Blears


Ben Bradshaw


Chris Bryant


Dai Havard

Alf Dubs

Jim Mrphy

NB This is as of 2016. HJS no longer publishes the members of its policy council for reasons we can only guess at o:)



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