Say hello to the jewish labour movement

JLM is an organisation of 2000 souls most of whom are not Jewish. It claims to be the ” Jewish presence in the Labour Party” and demands the right to be entrusted with equalities training in the Party. This despite being in the habit of secretly recording and filming attendees of its “training sessions ” in what are supposed to be safe spaces. Attend any such sessions at your peril.

They are firmly esconced on the hard right of the Party. Ninety four per cent of them voted for Owen Smith in the last leadership election. This hard right faction ( mostly not Jewish ) is fond of telling us that JLM are the representatives, and the only representatives, of Jews in the Party. Goys telling Jews who represents them. Get your head around that when you have a spare moment.

It has carefully cultivated the myth that it is the only Jewish organisation affiliated to the Party, and that is has been so for close on a hundred years. Unfortunately, in a typically incisive and economical piece of work Asa Winstanley reminds us that the JLM dates from 2004. Peter Mason, Mike Katz and everyones favourite cry baby Adam Langleben( the only “politician”  ever to have successfully campaigned against himself ) denounced the claim as a lie. When Asa produced a shot of a document that had appeared on the JLM web site ( subsequently deleted ) confirming the claim there was no response. In it the then Chair person Louise Ellman declares ” Welcome to the Jewish Labour Movement founded in 2004……”

They may say they are the long defunct Paole Zion ( which was affiliated ) renamed. But there is no reason to accept that anymore than we should accept that my local, recently formed, ferret fancier club is the knights Templar renamed. Paole Zion and JLM are as chalk and cheese as that. Just saying you are some long defunct entity renamed is not good enough.

Not withstanding all of this, by 2015 JLM were as dead as Marly, that is, as dead as a door nail.

Asa Winstanley explains why the 2015 resurrection came to be.

Apparently Jeremy Newmark and ” a bunch of us”  sat ”  in a coffee shop in Golders Green around September 2015 to talk about re-forming the JLM to do something with it.” The backdrop Newmark explains was  “ the rise of Jeremy Corbyn”.

Let us be clear. JLM  was brought back from the dead for one reason and one reason only. To ” get ” Jeremy Corbyn. and to thereby ensure that the LP reverted to being Israel friendly a la the Blair and Brown years. A key part of the strategy was to instigate and fuel purges against LP members whose attitude to Israel was not the correct one

The hapless  Ellman was replaced by a new management structure. Appointed Chair was the would be union buster, perjurer, serial fraudster, money launderer and one man crime wave, Jeremy Newmark. The horrible little thug Ella Rose was seconded from the Israeli Embassy and appointed Director.

A key element was the planning of a Blitzkreig at the 2016 conference.This included not one but three books on left antisemitism published days before. It also included the presence of Regev, to organise the troops.

Image result for JLM MARK REGEV

Lets have a closer look at JLM.

Affiliated to the World Zionist Organisation that pumps hundreds of thousands of pounds every year into the Israeli colonising project.

Signed up to the Jerusalem Declaration whose  reason for being is the settlement of  “Eretz  Israel”

Affiliated to the Zionist Federation who brought us Mordechai Keder who advises that the best way to deter “ terrorists” is the rape of their mothers and sisters.

That is the self confessed emanation of the ultra racist Israeli Labor Party in the UK, and declares the ILP to be the sister party of the Labour Party, despite the two having absolutely nothing in common except the names are almost spelt the same.

The Party whose leader says….

“We will not sit in the same government as the Joint List I don’t see any [connection] between us.”

“ There is no need to remove settlements as part of a peace agreement”

“ The Arabs have to be afraid of us”

“The settlement [project] was and remains the beautiful and devoted face of Zionism,”

“For us, the Jordan Valley was and will remain Israel’s eastern security buffer. And security requires settlement,”

“ The Jordan Valley will always be part of The State of Israel”

I believe that the Land of Israel belongs to the Jews,” Gabbay said today. “God promised Abraham the entire Land of Israel,”

Whose last  leader declared his worst nightmare is that one day Israel will  have an Arab Prime Minister and that “ attracting voters requires members of the center-left party to stop giving the impression they are “Arab-lovers.

Whose last but one leader declares “ to say the Labor Party is left wing is an historic wrong”

JLM are not remotely interested in the concerns of Labour Party Members. It is all about Corbyn and Israel. There were nine places up for grabs in the Labour Party elections for the NCC. JLM emailed all the candidates. They had only one question.

What is your attitude to the IHRA definition of antisemitism ? ” It didn’t matter what the candidates thought about Brexit, the NHS, education, welfare, workers rights or anything else. It should be remembered that  the Party had already adopted almost the whole of the IHRA  thing . At issue was two ” examples ” pertaining to Israel. For JLM it was and is all about Israel



On reflection, and having gauged the range of feelings within the Party, it is not my view that narrow anti-racism training programmes are what is required. There is a grave danger that such an approach would seem patronising or otherwise insulting rather than truly empowering and enriching for those taking part. Instead, the Party’s values, mission and history could be firmly embedded in more comprehensive activism and leadership education designed to equip members for the organisational, electoral and representative challenges ahead.Now is a time to reassess broad-based education and training within the Labour Movement.”

I recommend that the NEC set up a working group to assess education and training needs across the party with a view to working with trade union and higher education partners so as to offer practical and enriching values-lead programmes to members with varying needs and interests. In doing so, I recommend that the latest thinking in addressing unconscious bias be incorporated in this important work. The Party should consider the adoption of an over-arching Equal Opportunities Policy (with corresponding training for those in elected office and on the staff). There should also be a requirement that the equality and diversity impact of all staff recruitment and selection decisions be considered.”


The IRR’s researches into Racism Awareness Training, widely adopted in the 1980s by many institutions and organisations, revealed that because of its emphasis on changing minds outside of any structural context, and it was usually delivered by black people ‘retraining’ whites, it played on guilt, made essentialist assumptions about inherent racisms and rarely led on to changed anti-racist behaviour.[7]

Any training, therefore, needs to be sensitively devised so as not to play on essentialist assumptions (i.e. that we are all victims or perpetrators by virtue of our race/ethnicity/religion). And such training should not set racism as a thing apart from other aspects of social justice and equality that the Labour Party as a whole stands for. In effect what is needed is a form of basic human rights training, which emphasises the universal values of fairness, non-discrimination, freedom of expression balanced by the rights of others, so that one people’s rights can’t be used to subvert other peoples’ rights.





One thought on “Say hello to the jewish labour movement”

  1. Clear as day that their priority is to prevent the election of a Labour Government under the leadership of Jeremy Corbyn, not to follow Labour’s anti-austerity policies.


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