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Let’s get clear about JLM and the EUMC Definition nonsense

As expected, the Jewish Labour Movement has embarked on an all out drive to foist the so called EUMC Definition of antisemitism on the Labour Party.

Jackie Walker’s criticism of the proposed ” definition” is one of the reasons the JLM give in demanding Walker’s expulsion from the Party and her removal from her position as Vice Chair of Momentum.

Interestingly these demands followed straight on from the JLM  demanding, from the LP Conference stage, that the current purge of members and supporters, be continued.

In promoting the ” definition ” JLM tell us that it is the ” standard” definition. This is strange because one would have thought the standard definition was the one found in our dictionaries.The definition of antisemitism arrived at by observation of the sum force of uses of the expression by the billions of speakers of the language.

Or we are told that it is “THE widely accepted definition.” This is even stranger. If you were to stand on a random street in your town. and stopped a thousand people the odds are overwhelmingly on you not finding a single person that has heard of it. Further, if you asked these people what their understanding of antisemitism was the odds are equally overwhelming on Israel not getting a single mention.

What we are dealing with here is a kind of linguistic totalitarianisn. A claim to ownership of the English language.

Lets be perfectly clear. Talk of it being discredited is way too weak.

There is no such thing as an EUMC definition of antisemitism and there  NEVER has been such a thing.

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The Labour Party’s Problem with Muslims.

Given recent declarations of how seriously the Labour Party takes racism within it’s ranks we presumably can look forward to a  weed out of party members associated with the Muslim baiting Henry Jackson Society. Here we are not talking about a handful of fringe idiots but MP’s, members of the shadow cabinet and former ministers.

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