David Hirsh and FUCU

David Hirsh is  a blogger and would be slayer of ” anti-Semitic” dragons. He was one of the prime instigators of the ill fated legal action (Fraser v UCU), against  the Universities and Colleges Union, of which he is a member. The useful idiot front man in this action was one, Ronnie Fraser, who alleged he had suffered from unlawful institutional anti-Semitism at the hands of the Union, as per the Equality Act.

The anti Union case was totally rejected by the Employment Tribunal, who described it as ” an ill judged attempt to achieve a political end by litigious means”,  as well as branding as a perjurer, Jeremy Newmark, the then CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council, and former spokesperson for the Chief Rabbi.

Hirsh gave evidence in this case, and the Hasbarafiosi  are still reeling from the disastrous outcome. Hirsh, in particular, shows little sign that he will ever recover from it.

During the course of giving evidence, the hapless Ronnie Fraser spilled the beans about Hirsh’s relationship with Fair Play Campaign, who, Fraser explained, had bunged him ( Hirsh ) £50,000.

Fair Play Campaign is a shell of an organisation jointly founded by The Board of Deputies of British Jews, and The Jewish Leadership Council. It is wheeled out when the BoD and/or the JLC think it wise to attribute statements to FPC  rather then have them attributed directly to themselves.

FPC was founded with an initial endowment of £70,000, so we can see that Hirsh’s bung was a significant slice of that.

Hirsh’s other worldliness was well illustrated by his reaction to the Union making a costs application. Generally costs are not awarded in Employment Tribunal cases. Each party bears their own. To be awarded costs you have to show that the case brought was frivolous or mendacious. The Union’s costs were substantial. The round figure was £600,000.

In the face of the costs application the head of Ronnie’s legal team, Anthony Julius, the Hasbarafia’s ” new antisemitism” Guru, was kicked into the long grass. Julius has not been seen or heard of since.

The new legal team succeeded in having the Tribunal judge recuse himself. However, it soon became clear that the replacement judge was of the same mind as the original one, and that the Union’s application would succeed. Ronnie’s lawyers therefore, settled. Given the strength of the Union’s case the settlement must have been close to the £600k expended.

Hirsh’s reaction was to characterise the costs application as ” the Union’s attempt to punish Ronnie for drawing attention to the Union’s antisemitism.”

He doesn’t seem interested in the responsibilities of Union officers, trustees etc, as custodians of Union assets. He seems to think they should have just taken the Hasbarafia bullshit on the chin, and simply walked away from over half a million pounds of their members money.

Hirsh just keeps on crying, long after the rest of the world has moved on. His main argument is based on his probability calculations.

Ronnie’s lawyers listed ten examples of ” institutional antisemitism” in the Union, and the Tribunal dismissed all of the ten pleas as having no merit. This is highly improbable says Hirsh. In other words, the trial judge and his Tribunal colleagues, must, if they were sincere, have found for Ronnie on at least one of the points. The Tribunal members failed to find ANY institutional antisemitism in the Union when there just HAD to be some there. Because antisemitism is every where these days. Innit ? Hirsh’s explanation is that the judge and his colleagues, are themselves antisemitic.

Making a fool of himself in the FUCU case is not, however, what Hirsh will be remembered for.That honour will go to his famous invention of what he calls ” The Livingstone Formulation ” …………..


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