The Simon ( Cobbs ) collection

Simon, the ” founder” of Sussex Friends of Israel, is a gem. The gift  that keeps on giving. He is an eminently talented actor ( serious), though he hasn’t quite got the pretending to be a Jew bit quite cracked. An endless source of entertainment, he would be sorely missed if he was to be recalled to serve the second half of his 18 month sentence for fraud/embezzlement.

Fortunately many of the highlights of  his career as a Jew are captured for posterity.

I thought it would be fun to put together a collection of these highlights, certainly more fun than watching excrutiatingly boring Star Wars rehashes.

These are not exhaustive, but just a start to be added to, as time and motivation permit.

The ” proper people, not girls”, video is widely held to be definitive, though I am not sure I agree.

While this is the people’s choice, I personally think ” he wants to lick my camera”, is a better illustration of the reality of Sussex Friends of Israel.






An offer to my Zionist friends that want to talk about antisemitism. I won't mention Israel if you don't. Deal ?

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