Sussex Friends of Israel


The inspiration for the grass roots is said to be Sussex Friends of Israel. This is surprising as the only success of SFI is getting the Israeli company, Ecostream,  shut down in Brighton.

It consists of a couple of kahanist Jews, a pretend Jew, and a couple of Christian Zionists with glazed over eyes. They number a half dozen at most, though the numbers were swelled a little by a few occasionals in the Ecostream days. The essential fact about SFI is they are immersed in a culture that can only be described as criminal.


I have made several experimental attempts to write about Simon in a grown up. adult way, but have failed miserably. It is not possible. So this is how it is.

Simon is entertaining which is more than can be said for the rest. He is commonly regarded as the founder of SFI, and for a while was treated as their spokesperson by the mainstream Jewish orgs and the JC. They quickly changed tack on this after Simon had his twitter account shut down for threatening Hannah Weisfeld with violence, because she wouldn’t respond to his demands to endorse Isractionday. Needless to say he was back with another in no time at all, and he runs this replacement and the @sussexfriends account. He uses these accounts to have conversations with himself and to retweet himself.

Here is as good an introduction to Simon as any………Proper people, not girls.

Simon is a fraudster who served nine months of an eighteen month sentence in Her Majesty’s Slammer, Exeter, for the said frauds. Now, everyone is entitled make a mistake, take the consequences and then move on. But Simon doesn’t want to move on. He likes it where he is. Essentially, Simon has, and always will have, a criminal mind.

Early in 2014 Simon assured me that he ” didn’t do junk any more.” At the time I believed him.

A while back, Simon, ever the conman, decided it would be a good idea to be Jewish. Unfortunately, not content to be any old Jew, he decided to be an Orthodox Jew, with all the pitfalls that that entails.

He quit typing ” God ” and started to type ” G-d”. A year later he discovered pesach. Six more months down the road he had mastered a few Hebrew phrases and colloquialisms. He still, however, has difficulty in spelling ” schmuck”.

Mid way through the Ecostream business he expressed a concern about what he was going to do on a Saturday, when it was all over. Make what you will of an Orthodox Jew that can’t figure out what to do on a Saturday.

This Orthodox Jew carries on trolling on the internet right though every Shabbat, and every Jewish holiday.

Late last year Simon declared that an alleged indiscretion by Brighton BDS had ” made my Christmas”. This was on the second day of Chanukah when you would have thought that an Orthodox Jew would have been much more conscious of Chanukah than Christmas, and would have said ”made my Chanukah”.

Simon speaks of ( and presumably eats )  ” bagels”. The Goyim among you might have difficulty figuring what is wrong with that. Sorry, I am not your research assistant.

It is all rounded off by a claim to have spent several years on a Kibbutz. If you can imagine Simon slaving all day under a blazing sun in the orange groves, and spending his evenings strumming his guitar by the camp fire, under a starry starry sky, you have a better imagination than me .

If it walks like the Goyim, and quacks like the Goyim…..

Some of you may be wondering what the pre Orthodox Jewish Simon was like. Fortunately, I am able to provide a glimpse. Many of you will be puzzled by the absence of his few hard learned Hebrew coloquialisms, and shocked by the call to drunken partying on shabbat.

Simon’s grasp of what is going on in the world is extremely tenuous.

For example, when the Malaysian air liner was shot down by separatists over Ukraine, he wanted to picket the Ukrainian embassy.

He wants the LibDems to do something about Baroness Warsi.

When Yachad failed to get past the threshold, and get a Knesset seat in the Israeli elections, he told YachadUK that the Israeli people had rejected their ideas.

When, on December 17th, the Czech parliament voted against labelling settlement products, Simon issued a heartfelt declaration of thanks to CZECHOSLOVAKIA.  As one twitterer drily pointed out, ” it looks like Sussex Friends of Israel slept through 1993″.

Obviously the education department at Exeter slammer is not everything it is cracked up to be. This should not be held against them, as Simon is both unemployable and ineducable. So the Board  of Deputies/Jewish Leadership Council  welfare handouts will, doubtless, be coming in useful.

He has, however, been to Paris. As if Paris hasn’t suffered enough.


Simon is not the only criminal mind in  the tiny ragbag that make up SFI. Meet Fiona Sharpe.

When it was realised by the Hasbarafia ” high ups ” that it was better to have the likes of SFI inside the tent rather than outside it, and that, carefully managed, they could be quite handy as  useful idiots , they also realised that, in Simon, they had a huge presentational problem. His energy was indispensible but he was, and remains, a public relations disaster.

Hitherto, Simon, as SFI  founder, had been the one that was quoted. As well as being commander in the field, he was the spokesperson, and one much favoured by the Jewish Chronicle. Indeed Simon and Sandy Rashty were very much an item, and were an entertaining double act  that we are sorry to see go, now that Sandy is going up in the world. The way that they lined up the pins for each other on twitter was hilarious.

The suits knew better, and when Simon had his twitter account pulled for threatening Hannah Weisfeld,something had to be, and was, done. Unfortunately, SFI being a very small and meagre gaggle, the options were few. Fiona was the best in the way of an ” acceptable face” they could come up with. Fiona is easier on the eye than Simon but not easier on the ear, as those that stood outside Ecostream can testify. As can the judge that threw out the charges in the  recent court case, on the grounds of Fiona’s false testimony, and that heard her calling the alleged aggressor a “ fascist cunt”.

However, she is being carefully minded and is certainly an improvement in print and typescript. Unfortunately, when it comes to principle and veracity, she is scarcely any improvement at all.

Rather Fiona is an habitual liar, as a perusal of her comments re Southampton University conclusively demonstrates. She is very fortunate not to have been prosecuted for perjury in respect of her false testimony before a Brighton judge, referred to above.

The whole business originated in a demo and counter demo outside Ecostream in Brighton. Following the demo Fiona and Sandra Gross  went to Sussex Police, and made complaints of racially aggravated harassment against one of the anti Ecostream demonstrators. Sandra Gross is disabled and confined to a wheelchair. This is presumably why she was selected for the role, the sympathy card and all that. Racially aggravated harassment  is likely to be seen as so much more despicable when directed against a disabled person.

Be clear, the scam, as the SFI FB  page makes clear, was a conspiracy on the part of the whole of the, admittedly small, SFI  collective.

As a result of this complaint, it was decided, by the Directer of Public Prosecutions, no less ( !!!!), that there should be a prosecution. This despite there being no evidence except the shaky word of these two women. ( or so it was thought at the time.)

The two women made written statements to  the police alleging that……

The defendent had called  them ‘nazis’, in a personally threatening and abusive way that caused them deep alarm and distress ‘as jewish women’. They alleged that he had come over to where they were positioned, called them both ‘fucking nazis’ and shook his finger at themin a menacing way.

They repeated these statements to their lawyers and to the court, both verbally and in writing.

Unfortunately, unknown to the simpletons of the  SFI gaggle, the whole ” incident” had been captured by video cameras both inside and outside the store. The defence lawyers were in possession of the video material and chose not to make its existence known to the prosecution. A choice they were perfectly entitled to make .

When the defence informed the judge that there was video evidence, Sandra Gross burst into tears. She perfectly well knew what it was going to show.

What it showed was ……..

That, throughout the period of time in question, the defendant  was standing several yards from the ‘victims’. At no point did he stand anywhere near them. On the video he was heard to say ‘You’re all nazis – all the zionists are nazis’.

The prosecution accepted that this video evidence captured the entirety of the incident.  With the witness statements directly contradicted by video evidence, the prosecution case collapsed.

The judge therefore ruled that the defendants behaviour had not been threatening, that his words were not personally directed at the witnesses, that his words alone in this context had not caused alarm or distress, and that the video footage showed that no one else at the demo had taken any notice of what he said – let alone been distressed. Therefore: ‘No case to answer.”

The interest here is that this scam was part of a general strategy of attempting to frame pro Palestinian demontrators, a strategy that North West Friends of Israel have adopted with particular enthusiasm

For example, they noisily demanded that an anti Kadem demonstrator be arrested for making a Nazi salute when he was perfectly clearly waving at the camera. Even the ultra compliant Greater Manchester Police were too embarrassed to run with that one..


10 thoughts on “Sussex Friends of Israel”

  1. Fiona Sharpe claimed on the witness stand that SFI member Shaike Rozanski was talking in Hebrew when he abused protesters by calling them Adolf and Himmler. Video evidence proved her wrong.

    This is not the first conspiracy the SFI have concocted. In the early days of the Ecostream protest Cobbs’ mother, Beryl Sharpe and sister, Emma Myers were witnesses for the prosecution in a similar case that was eventually thrown out of court. The case dragged on for 18 months. No one realised that they were related to Cobbs until they outed themselves due to his obsessive filming outside the shop.


  2. Love Simon Cobbs and the SFI who have stopped you lot having a free rain and telling lies about Israel . The fact that you have gone to the trouble to write this piece shows the effect he has had on your organisation since he started SFI. He makes you guys look completely bigotted and shows your organisation for what it really is.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. They are renowned psychopaths… They wouldn’t know a Jew if one came up and slapped them in the face.. there are plenty willing…


  4. As if anybody would need to “frame” pro-Palestinian nutcases who screech and holler empty platitudes and think they’re actually doing something. They are their own worst enemies, and they do a good job of discrediting themselves without any help.


  5. Stephen

    A very wordy piece

    On Davids blog you critize him personally as you try to debunk his literary output; but while you devote this wordy article to Simon, David devotes his work to the nefarious effects that Antisemitism has on the worldwide Jewish population

    Simon is Simon and why a fraud for which he served time should impact on his Israel supporting activity is a little weird
    Show me an angel and I will show you an unborn embryo

    Anyway enough said
    You have spent all this time on one person
    To much fact about not much does not an interesting story make


    1. Much, much less than the thousands and thousands of words that David’s fantasy blog has used to smear Jeremy Corbyn for his promise to cease the appeasement of Zionist/Racist Israel.


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