before baddiel was a racist he was a cunt.

I have not read Baddiel’s ” book”. I have as much interest in being lectured on racism by a hard core racist as I have in the results of last Sundays results in the 4th division of the Albanian basketball league. However, I have seen an account of how he deals with the Jason Lee thing therein. This ” dealing ” is amazing for a) how he trivialises the whole business and b) how he somehow manages to portray himself as the victim.

Apparently he tells us how he has repeatedly apologised for ” that picture”. Like as a one off he got snapped blacked up at a fancy dress party. The reality is that he and Skinner subjected Jason to sustained week on week humiliating racist taunting. Here is a 15 minute compilation that will enable you to get the drift.

Now heres the thing. Baddiel seems to spend more time whining and crying and playing the victim than recanting. He sobs that lots of other racists get to be able to talk about racism so why can’t he ? Well Baddiel can say what he wants, who gives a flying fuck. This doesn’t mean he has not forfeited the right to be taken seriously. The reason he among racists gets discriminated against is of course because he is Jewish and this merely confirms his thesis. Jews don’t count.

It is worth mentioning that neither he nor Skinner have had the balls to apologise to Jason Lee directly.

Inevitably this ” book” with the most stupid of titles, has resulted in Baddiel becoming the Israelists favourite love child. The darling of fellow racists like Myerson, Pollard, Collier et al.

This is a highly lucrative state of affairs.


2 thoughts on “before baddiel was a racist he was a cunt.”

  1. I think you really need to Read ‘ Jews don’t count ‘ might broaden your ideas on racism. Just because you don’t like someone, doesn’t mean he’s wrong. I believe the Prime minister of Canada posed as a person of colour, without any humour attached about ” been not good at a job” the whole point of the sketch, not the person’s colour..note you didn’t mention his guests! ..your whole article made you sound like a malcontented misery, of a certain political persuasion, where Jews definitely don’t count.


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