Owen Jones and rape. A certain ambivalence.

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This is  essentially about Owen and  his commendable attitude to rape but a bit of background is necessary……

Owen Jones’ anti racism is becoming increasingly selective to put it at its mildest. He has played a major role in developing, and sustaining the myth, that the LP  has a particular problem with Jews and antisemitism. The reality, as Owen well knows, is that there is less antisemitism, pro rata,  among LP members and supporters than in the general population, and certainly way less than in the Tory Party.

But it suits something in Jones’ ego left mentality to claim otherwise. Who knows.

This myth was born at a precise time and this time was not the election of Jeremy Corbyn. However, it is the child of an unholy alliance between Zionist ultras and the LP  hard right, each with their different motivations for wanting to ” do for”. Corbyn. Owen is happy to go along with this.

After 18 months of intense scrutiny of social media accounts, much of it funded by the Israeli Embassy via its proxy organisations, something like 20 allegations of antisemitism were dug up. When you shave these down to plausible allegations they become less than ten.

Even if you restrict the analysis to LP  members we are are talking about a subject population similar to that of a large city, say Leeds, or Manchester. The whole thing is ridiculous, but nonetheless has spawned a stream of laughable ” enquiries”.  The whole business has been fuelled by Corbyns awful ongoing response. Egged on by Lansman and Jones who keep whispering in his ear that he is dealing with a genuine problem, Corbyn, it saddens me to say, comes out of it all looking like a complete wimp. It will be a not insignificant factor in his eventual downfall.

Owen knows the game that is being played and plays along with ill disguised enthusiasm.

The above picture is of him all lovey dovey with a number of undesirables at the shin dig on the eve of the last day of last year’s LP conference.

One is Jeremy Newmark, Chair of the Jewish Labour Movement. The JLM are signatories to the notoriously racist Jerusalem Declaration, and  are affiliates of  several ultra racist organisations. Not least the World Zionist Organisation, whose primary purpose is the funding of Israeli colonies in the West Bank. Newmark of course, led the way in an attempt to BUST a TRADE UNION, by getting it falsely labelled as antisemitic. In consequence the Employment Tribunal saw fit to describe him as an “ arrogant, preposterous liar.

Another is the charmless thug Ella Rose erstwhile of the Israeli Embassy, and Newmark acolyte. Ella has subsequently spat and snarled her way to great infamy and needs no introduction from me.

The other is a delegate from the Israeli Labor Party whose leader’s greatest fear is that there might one day be an Arab PM of Israel. The Israeli Labor Party is of course the father of the colonisation of the West Bank enterprise. JLM describe it as their “ sister party“.

What I find most interesting here, what most clearly tells us where Owen is at, is that just a few hours before he posed for the photo op, he had sat in the conference hall and heard the JLM call for the continuation of the McNichol purges.

Now, of course, we have the Henry Smith inaugural lecture thing. Much will be said and written about this over the next few weeks. For the moment let us simply say that it amounts to a clear and unambiguous statement by Owen as to whose side he is on. He has foregone any right to be taken seriously when he sheds his crocodile tears over  the rights of the Palestinian people.

But anyway……moving quickly on to rape.

Now you might think that anyone that shared a lollipop with Newmark would have no moral compass whatsoever. He or she would be totally lacking in discernment and would sup with any devil. Not so.

Owen has a red line, and that is rape/ the covering up thereof/ the advocacy thereof/ the promoting thereof  etc.

In accordance with this policy he refused to take part in an anti Trump demo because there was likely to be a significant Socialist Workers Party turn out. In 2014 the SWP  were rocked by a claim by a ” junior member” that she had been raped by a ” senior member”.

The handling of this was grotesque in the extreme. Some said it was a well meaning botch up. But it went way beyond this and in reality it was a horrible cynical cover up. The SWP  has, deservedly, never recovered from this and hopefully never will. The SWP is now clearly seen for what it has always been, a rag tag bunch of loonies.

So we might say well done Owen, all power to your highly principled elbow !!!!!!


This red line of Owen’s is not quite what it might at first glance seem. It is, in fact, a highly porous red line, especially when his fellow racist buddies in the JLM are concerned.

In addition to its other gut wrenching affiliations the JLM is also affiliated to the Zionist Federation of the UK. The ZF  could reasonably be described as the hard right wing of the Zionist hard right. True to form in 2014 it invited to the UK, and organised a speaking tour for, a certain Mordechai Kedar.

 Kedar is a professor at Bar IIan University and positions himself as  an expert on Israeli Arabs. He has spoken at events organised by Stop the Islamisation of Nations, founded by Pamela Geller who was banned from entry to the UK.At a 2012 Sion conference, where speakers also included Tommy Robinson, then of the English Defence League,  Kedar urged Europeans to have more babies. Muslims, he declared, were “multiplying like rats”.

All this was ringa ringa rosey of course, after he announced his conclusion that the only way to discourage Palestinian ” terrorists” was the rape of their mothers and sisters. In trying to diffuse the subsequent outcry he dug himself deeper, explaining that this takes advantage of what he called “ the Arab culture of shame.

All this was too much for the Jewish schools concerned and they cancelled the engagements as did two synagogues. The ZF  were apoplectic with rage.


Now Owen is proud of his ” consistency”. Given this you would expect that Owen would at least say to the JLM  that he will speak at their ” dos” when they end their association with the ZF. Wouldn’t you ? Given his no pasaran postion on rape, and all.

Liars, Damned Liars and Preposterous Liars

At one point in the AL Jazeera doc ,” The Lobby”, Jackie Walker mentioned that Jeremy Newmark, at a meeting, had whispered into her ear that she was a ” Court Jew “. An expression equivalent to ” House Nigger”.

Newmark has subsequently stated that this didn’t happen.

Now he can’t be saying Jackie is mistaken. It is a very definite and distinctive expression. Hardly mistakeable for some other.

So he is saying that Jackie just made it up. She is lying.

Well for sure somebody is.  And when somebody says ” black ” and another says ” no, white”, and there is no water tight evidence deciding the issue, we are left with a balance of probabilities. Here the balance is overwhelming and compelling.

The proven character of the disputants is always a reasonable place to start.

Many things have been said about Jackie Walker, in attempts to damage her. Nobody, to the best of my knowledge, has ever before accused her of seeking to damage another by simply saying made up stuff about them.  And accusing someone of saying what she says Newmark said, if untrue, would be despicable to say the least. I think we can safely say that such a thing is so wildly out of character as to be implausible in the extreme. Even her most determined declared protagonists would struggle with this one.

There are also, of course, at least two witnesses to the occurrence, though they will undoubtedly be dismissed as partisan. These would have to be also dismissed as shameless liars too.

Then of course we have the protagonist in the blue corner, Jeremy Newmark.

Newmark is a former CEO of the Jewish Leadership Council. He is now the the Chairman of the Jewish Labour Movement. The JLM is an extension of the uber racist Israeli Labour Party, whose leader’s declared worst nightmare is that one day  a Muslim might be PM  of Israel. The JLM , then dormant, was hurriedly resurrected as part of the triggering of the Zionist nuclear option against the Labour Party, in particular, and the ” left” in general.  The ineffectual Chair, Louise Ellman, who seems to have trouble figuring out what day it is, was elbowed aside by Newmark who then promptly installed himself in her place.

To a racist like Newmark, a black Jew and a ” Court Jew” probably amounts to much the same thing.

The case could probably be rested here but we may as well dot the I’s and cross the T’s.

Newmark has a long track record of being in the van of plots to smear pro Palestinian organisations and people with the charge of antisemitism. He is particularly associated with the Fraser v UCU  fiasco, forever to be affectionately known as the FUCU  case.

This was an attempt to have a TRADE UNION wrongly branded as institutionally antisemitic, and to bust the Union via the incurring of unliveable with legal costs.

Now, virtually the entire sum of the establishment Zionist organisations were involved in this plot, including the BoD, the JLC and the CST. But Newmark was the instigator and the coordinator.

In the event the whole case was contemptuously dismissed by the Tribunal as “ an impermissable attempt to achieve  a political objective by litigious means “. Eventually the Union recovered £600,000 in costs, an indication of how mendacious the charge was.

More pertinently, for the issue at hand, Newmark gave lengthy evidence, preening himself throughout. The Tribunal judgment declared him to be an ” arrogant and preposterous liar” with a ” worrying disregard for plurality and diversity.”

His evidence was declared to be ” untrue as other more truthful witnesses for the plaintiff testified”

Mark Gardner of the Community Security Trust, declared the Judge and fellow members of the Tribunal to be “ sneering bastards”

So there you are and there we have it. We have competing claims to veracity. You choose.

The man who would, and does, run the Labour Party, and who, you can be sure, won’t be suspended.

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What lights Joan Ryans Fire ?

It was wonderful to behold the light in Joan Ryans eyes when Shai mentioned a million squids. Her enthusiasm for ££££££££’s has become a byword for greed. She has a mind bordering on the criminal. In fact it is interesting how many such minds there are on the Labour Party wing of the antisemitism industry.

But anyway she has made strenuous efforts to clean up the public record of her financial record. No doubt aided by the Israeli Embassy.

In October 2007, the Evening Standard reported that Joan Ryan claimed £173,691 in expenses for the 2006/2007 tax year,[3] the highest for any MP. She was the second highest claimant in the 2005/2006 tax year.

In May 2009, it was reported that Ryan had claimed more than £4,500 under the Additional Costs Allowance for work on a house she had designated as her second home.[4] In February 2010, based on an audit report looking into the United Kingdom parliamentary expenses scandal, Ryan was asked to repay £5,121 mortgage interest.[5]

“[a]t least 10 attempts have been made from computers in Parliament to remove information about [Ryan’s] expenses claims and a further 20 efforts to delete the information, some from her constituency of Enfield North, have also been recorded in Wikipedia’s logs.”[13] Entries on the present page’s edit history page indicate that similar edits to hide Ryan’s record continue to be made.[14] The efforts were successful and all mention of expenses claims were removed and instead replaced with a paragraph about edits to Wikipedia.

During the 2015 general election, The Daily Telegraph returned to this issue. In Ryan’s case, the entire expenses section was deleted, including information on repairs and decorations on her home paid for out of her MP’s expenses.

HT David Ruffell


Sadiq Khan, A Man For All Seasons

” I’ve said it loudly, I have said it clearly, and I’ll say it again. I’m not going to get involved in the leadership contest.”

Why did Khan change his mind on this?

Because Gerald Ronson told him to.

Thus  Khan has revealed his shameless, self serving duplicity for all to see.

The reality is that Khan has only one concern, and that is Sadiq Khan.

In October last Geoffrey Alderman devoted his then regular weekly Jewish Chronicle column to Khan. It was entitled  ” Khan: A friend and a boycotter”

Alderman started by saying that he is Party apolitical, and has never advocated voting FOR a particular person or organisation. He has, however, sometimes  advocated voting AGAINST someone or some organisation and that is what he proposes to do on this occasion. The person he had in mind was none other than Sadiq, and the context was the coming Mayoral election.

Jews shouldn’t vote for Khan because……

In January 2009, Kahn was listed as a speaker at an event in Tooting (hosted by Wandsworth Stop The War Coalition, of which Jeremy Corbyn was a co-founder) that had as its purpose the denunciation of Israeli policy towards Gaza.”

The following month ,” according to a local Tooting newspaper, Khan was a speaker at another demonstration, a march and rally called in support of Palestinian suffering in Gaza. A spokesman for Wandsworth STWC, interviewed by the same local newspaper about the same event, announced that the objects of the campaign were “to lift the economic blockade by Israel, open check points to allow aid, and revoke export arms licenses to Israel. We’re also boycotting Israeli goods.

Worst of all ( apparently ) ” speakers are reported to have included that well-known friend of the Jews the Reverend Stephen Sizer.”

The Jewish Chronicle itself later continued the theme.

Sadiq Khan regularly lobbied for sanctions against Israel when his party was in government, despite using his London mayoral campaign to claim he had consistently opposed such moves.”

” A message sent from his then Parliamentary office manager to a meeting of the Stop the War Coalition in Wandsworth revealed the efforts the Tooting MP had made to challenge Israel.”

The letter, sent around the time of Israel’s Cast Lead operation in Gaza, explained that Mr Khan had “regularly” been in contact with then Foreign Secretary David Miliband and Middle East Minister Bill Rammell, as well as Foreign Office officials.”

” The office manager added: He also wrote to David Miliband… asking that sanctions be brought against Israel.”

” The message to the hard-left group ( SWC ) added: “Sadiq’s commitment to the situation in Palestine is longstanding and will, I can assure you, continue into the future.”

A fortnight ago Sadiq was a principal speaker at the launch of the Labour Friends of Palestine group, which has been set up to help to ensure the Palestinian voice is represented amongst MPs and the Labour party.”

You would think it was a long hard road from principal speaker at a Labour Friends of Palestine launch to guest of honour at CST  dinners, wearing a kippah and drinking a toast to The State of Israel. I  would too. But for Sadiq, it seems , it was easy peasy lemon squeasy.

A spokesman for the post Mayoral candidate Sadiq tells us “ Sadiq’s position on boycotts, sanctions, and divestment of Israel could not be more clear: he completely opposes them.”

So here we have Sadiq being clear again.

Alderman finishes his JC  piece by telling us that it is possible for Khan to turn over a new leaf and….

“As he does so he should reflect on the fact that at the 2012 mayoral contest one polling organisation quizzed a sample of London voters generally over a wide range of issues, including “the poor relationship between Ken Livingstone and the Jewish community.” Of those respondents who declared themselves first-preference Boris Johnson supporters some 40 per cent specifically identified Livingstone’s attitude to Jews as either a “very important” or a “quite important” factor in propelling them to vote for his Conservative opponent.”

Then the final chilling threat…

 Worth thinking about, Mr Khan, isn’t it?”

As it happens Mr Khan was ahead of Geoffers on this one.  He had either worked it out for himself or, more likely, as a result of being the recipient of some ” quiet words “, and some friendly advice pertaining to where his best interests are located.

He had told the Jewish News that they could be assured that he wouldn’t be another Ken Livingstone. This in an article that effectively declared Livingstone to be a racist and which assured us that he would have zero tolerance. Zero tolerance in this context means they could rely on him to keep discourse about Israel in London within bounds that they would find acceptable, and that the police would be made to understand this too.

In a sense Khan has been smarter than Corbyn and his advisers on this. He at least seems to have understood that these people cannot be appeased, that it was a zero sum game. Corbyn should have not given this problem with Jews in the Labour Party bullshit any hint of house room whatsoever, and let them huff and puff and blow themselves out. Instead he fed them little bits hoping they would be satisfied not seeming to understand that what he was giving them was danegeld. And so we are in the totally insane situation we are in today.

Khan judged his political requirements were such that his best option was to hand them everything all at once.  Basically he has said just tell me what to say and do. And of course, they are not shy about doing just that. So he trumpets the Labour Party problem with Jews stuff. He declares it to be a badge of shame.  He declares that the NEC  should get training on antisemitism. No prizes for guessing who he thinks should do this training. He goes to CST dinners. He has taken to wearing a Kippah. He drinks toasts to The State of Israel. To the best of my knowledge he does not drink toasts to any other country.

Basically he has adopted the entire shebang.

On October 8th Khan explained to the Jewish Chronicle why he ” changed his mind about boycotts”

So Khan now has three stories running in parallel.

He supports boycotts.

He has always consistently opposed boycotts.

He did support boycotts but has now changed his mind.

The Jewish Chronicle just has to be the most scurrilous, racist rag published in this country. And this is a good example of their style. Its racist editor, Pollard, doesn’t quit even when he has won. Khan is theirs. He can’t bend over any further. But still it goes on.

Reading this article almost made me feel sorry for him. I said almost. He ducks and weaves and squirms. But the gist is he came to realise that he could no longer support boycotts on evidential grounds. The evidence is that boycotts do not help the cause of ” peace “. Pax Israeliana that is.

Khan is closely supervised by the Community Security Trust.( CST ). The CST plays a highly specialised role in the Israeli Hasbara effort in this country. Levels of antisemitism in the UK are hopelessly too low for the purposes of the political agenda. The CST’s role is to raise PERCEPTIONS of it as high as possible. It does this very effectively.  It is an enterprise of that galactico of fraudsters, Gerald Ronson. Khan now describes Ronson as a “ good friend“.

It would be interesting to know how much Ronson gave to fund Khan’s mayoral campaign.

We do know that the Zio nut job, Michael Foster, was a significant contributor.








Owen Jones, pillar of leftist complicity.

Owen Jones is, with the exception of the uber Zionist, Jon Lansman, the scribbler most responsible for the establishment of the myth that the Labour Party has ” a problem with Jews”.

Here he is all lovey dovey with the notorious perjurer, and would be union buster,Jeremy Newmark, chair of the racist Jewish Labour Movement. The Newmark that tried to stitch up a TRADE UNION with a false charge of antisemitism . And JLM Directo, Ella Rose, on secondment from the Israeli embassy, and who wants to take out Jackie Walker. And a delegate to the LP  conference from the Israeli Labor Party, that Newmark had invited to conference and  whose leader’s worst nightmare is that there might one day be an Arab PM of Israel.

This literally HOURS after the JLM  had called from, the Labour Party Conference stage, for a continuation of the McNichol purges.

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And here he is all lovey dovey with Alan Johnson, of the racist front for the Israeli Embassy, BICOM.

The Jewish way of giving ?

Food poverty in this country is on a scale that no nation with pretensions of being civilised should tolerate.

More than 8 million people in Britain live in households that struggle to put enough food on the table, with over half regularly going a whole day without eating, according to estimates of hunger in the UK.

One in 10 adults suffered moderate levels of food insecurity in 2014, placing the UK in the bottom half of European countries on hunger measures, below Hungary, Estonia, Slovakia and Malta.

In this situation food banks are a lifeline, literally, for a large and inexorably increasing number of people. While they are a welcome emergency reaction, the reliance on them seems to have become an acceptable norm.

This time of year, typified by displays of ostentatious plenty, is particularly hard for the hungry and homeless to bear and particularly painful for the rest of us to observe. Fortunately it is somewhat matched by a big spike in direct charitabe aid.

The response of the London Muslim community this year has been stupendous. Led by the East London Mosque, Muslim Aid and  together with their Christian neighbours and allies, the community has collected a jaw dropping ten tonnes of food to be donated to the charity, Crisis. Ten tonnes and still counting.

Shaykh Abdul Qayum said the drive was inspired by their faith. ”  It is a religious duty for Muslims to try to help others, irrespective of a person’s faith or background.”

Rev Ben Bradley said it was a great example of faiths working together.

Bernadette Hegarty of St Pauls, Bow Common Church helps Muslim Aid volunteers

All of this is simple selflessness. No self aggrandisement, no political points

What has the Jewish community been up to all the while ?

Well it depends where you look. If you look at the community’s self appointed, self styled ” leaders”, and their nut job ” grass roots” allies,  the contrast, unfortunately, could not be starker.

They  looked at the the hunger all around them and thought ” there must be something in this for Israel.” It was but a short step from here to ISRACTION DAY !!!!!!!!!

Israction day is not just the worst pun in the history of the world, it is now, apparently, the Jewish way of giving.

The idea was dreamed up by Simon Cobbs. Then it was enthusiastically  taken up by other  grass rooters and then formally adopted by the  ” leadership” establishment.

The idea is that it would be a wonderful piece of Hasbara if Israel fed a few desperados for a couple of days. It works like this. You buy up Israeli foodstuffs, mostly in Manchester, but a few little bits elsewhere. You put together what  you have managed to buy, add in what Simon Cobbs and Anthony Dennison have managed to shop lift, and you give it to some food bank or other. The point being that the hungry  would come to see that if it wasn’t for Israel and its fans they wouldn’t be eating. Also, following an intense orgy of self promotion, the rest of us would come to see this too.

I immediately spotted a structural weakness in this idea but to my amazement the grass rooters were one step ahead of me on this point. The problem was that hunting down Israeli stuff in supermarkets would be hard work and many grass rooters would not be up to the job. A lot of people could starve to death while earnest young Zionists  scurried around  desperately trying to find some Israeli camomile tea.This was deftly dealt with by expanding the options to kosher food, So not only do the hungry not get to eat until they have taken on board the political point, they don’t get to eat without going along with Jewish religious  observances. Pass the sick bag Alice.

All of this prompted one horrified  observer to ask….

Is this now the Jewish way of giving ?”


The impetus came from two scurrilous” grass root” orgs. Sussex Friends of Israel and North West Friends of Israel.

SFI consists of a couple of Jews, a fake Jew, and a  few Christian Zionists with glazed over eyes. Its mouthpieces are Simon Cobbs and Fiona Sharpe. Simon is a pretend Jew and a notorious fraudster, who has had the pleasure of being the guest of her Majesty in  Exeter Slammer, in consequence of the said frauds. Fiona’s  main claim to fame is for bearing false witness and perjuring herself in a court case involving a pro Palestinian demonstrator.

You can read all about SFI here.


NWFOI are a much more substantial organisation, but scarcely  more edifying. They are mostly famous for their close association with the Muslim hating/baiting English Defence League. They usually are spoken for by their Chair, Anthony Dennison, another fraudster and struck off solicitor.

You can read all about NWFOI


Not everyone in the Jewish Community is enamoured with this Jewish way of giving of course. Gabriel Webber says………

But what makes IsrACTIONday a disaster is this: it treats the poor as pawns. The project organisers are using the poor, placing them in intolerable political positions that have nothing to do with them and taking away their dignity and independence, all for their own political ends.

In Hebrew, the word for ‘poor’ and the word for ‘oppressed’ are the same. Maimonides made it a task of all righteous Jews to work towards ending this link. Those supporting IsrACTIONday are cementing it.

If they cared even a little about the poor, rather than about their own machinations with BDS, they would not be forcing food banks to expend time and social capital on dealing with this controversy. They would not be using the controversy to score points, and they would not be disingenuously accusing their Jewish critics – including me, no doubt – of being both anti-Israel and anti-charity. The organisers are the anti-charity ones, for faux charity is no charity at all.”

Richard Mather is the editor of the Jewism Media Agency. He says ….

I am a passionate Zionist but the reason I took exception to this campaign is because it is quite obviously a publicity stunt –  a cynical gesture designed to raise the profile of certain grassroots Israel advocacy groups.

If the Jewish community wants to help the homeless, then it should do so without fuss. Homelessness and food poverty are serious issues. But Sussex Friends of Israel and Northwest Friends of Israel have hijacked these problems for their own self-promoting ends.

And that’s the reason why the I didn’t cover the story.”

NWFOI tried to bully the Zionist human rights lawyer Adam Wagner into supporting  Israction day but were brushed off with, “ I couldn’t support anything that is to do with an organisation as reactionary as yours.”

The main Jewish organisations, the self styled, self appointed leaders, what we might call the Jewish hard right, are all for the wheeze of course. As are the twin pillars of the Jewish gutter Press, the Jewish Chronicle and Jewish News. In fact the Board of Deputies and their much more powerful rivals, the Jewish Leadership Counci, both heavily fund SFI and NWFOI. The glitterati of these orgs and similar are falling over  themselves to make video cameos supporting the abomination.

Interestingly, your favourite socialist and mine, Jeremy Newmark, chair of the Jewish Labour Movement and erstwhile CEO of the JLC, confesses to having organised the funding  of Israction day itself.

Here is BoD President Jonny Arkush with his little basket of ( allegedly ) Israeli foodstuffs.

Image may contain: 1 person

For those of you with the stomach for it  here is the gut wrenching thing in full

The sheer sickness of it all is easily illustrated. Faced with two products. An Israeli one and another almost identical and at least as nutritious but half the price, they would buy the Israeli one. Despite this being only half as efficient in an opportunity cost sense in feeding the hungry.

Time for Jewish Students to Grow Up?

I don’t know many Jewish students but have always assumed they are, like the general population, a rag tag mixed bunch.

There are those that tell us,ad nauseam, otherwise. They do, apparently, all get offended by the same things at the same time. Which is a very antisemitic attitude. This being the case therefore, they can be spoken for, by any organisation that pushes itself forward with ” Jewish” in its name. The brand leader here is Union of Jewish Students.

The current UJS  President is Josh Seitler. If Josh is as representative of Jewish students as he would have us believe, it must be said that, on the strength of his recent article in Huff Post,  it is high time Jewish students did some growing up.

The article, brimful of narcissism and whining self pity, was a hopelessly transparent and inept attempt to blackmail the NUS and bully its President, Malia Bouattia. Part of, it must be said, a coordinated campaign. Witness Izzy Lenga’s latest histrionics.

The UJS is not a fan of Malia. There is a motion before the upcoming UJS  conference to the effect that UJS should cut ties with the NUS. Josh tells us that if Malia does not do this, that, and the other, he wouldn’t be surprised if the motion was carried.

What he requires is a series of ” proper” apologies from Malia, chiefly as follows……

Malia apparently referred to the University of Birmingham as ” a Zionist outpost”.  This is probably enough to establish that she is not a big fan of Zionism.

The Hasbara machine of course represents this as her saying that  there are too many Jews at Birmingham University. A representation that Josh seems to go along with. In any event , he wants a proper apology, or else.

Zionism, of course, is a basket of political ideologies, that have in common advocacy of the settlement of Jews in what we might call the Holy Land, and might just as easily call the Holey Land. In practice, the active ingredient here, is support for, and apology for, the modern State of Israel and all its numerous racist iniquities.

Malia clearly regards Zionists as political opponents, in much the same way as she probably regards Tories as political opponents. Lamenting the strength of political opponents in a particular location is surely perfectly legitimate. If she had said it was a Tory outpost or a Trot outpost nobody would be whining and crying.

Ah but Josh says, this is different. Disparaging Zionism is an assault on our very identity.  Most Jews are Zionist so attacking Zionism is an attack on this  identity. An affection for Israel is a kind of  protected characteristic . As such Zionism should be exempt from the rough and tumble of political debate and exchange. A political leaning that, uniquely, must not be opposed.

Err no.

As the Zionist barrister Jonathan Goldberg pointed out in the context of the FUCU case, “you might just as well say that supporting Tottenham Hotspur is a protected characteristic because a lot of Jews do.”

The claim is that ludicrous.

Josh presumably would have it that Malia couldn’t say anything pejorative about Spurs.

Bad news for Arsenal fans.

Nobody is born a Zionist, just as nobody is born a communist. Being a Zionist is a contingent state of affairs. But Jewish students are, as is everyone,  free to define themselves however they want. It is nobody’s business but theirs. There is no requirement for the rest of us to bother our heads with it. We can if we want, we can not if we don’t want.It is no business of mine, or of yours, or of the NUS  or of Malia Bouattia.

Let us make an important distinction that seems to me is rarely made. There is a difference between opposition to Zionism and the expression thereof, and abusive behaviour towards Jewish students that makes their participation difficult. There is no requirement for someone to tone down their anti Zionism because Jewish students might be offended by it. There  is a requirement to respect their right to be where they are and to speak as they may, without, with justification, feeling intimidated and bullied, on a personal level.

There is some of this bullying going on. Not nearly as much as the Zionist machine would have us believe. Israel apologists do have a great propensity for melodrama and exaggeration. Don’t they Ruth? Izzy ?  However much there is, is that much too much, and there must be an unequivocal attitude of no pasaran in respect of it.

The UJS tell us that…….

” Jewish Students should have the support and space to explore their connection to and relationship with Israel.”

I can’t quite understand what they mean by ” support”. I can’t see that there is a requirement that someone actively support someone else’s explorations. They can of course, do so if they wish.

Space ?

If they mean University political forums and Campus space, they hopefully understand that these will be shared spaces, not given over exclusively to their explorations. If anyone gets distressed having to share a space with political views different to their own, maybe a university is not the right place for them.

There is NOTHING you can say about the State of Israel that is antisemitic. Just as there is nothing you can say about The Russian Federation that is anti Slav racism.There may be a very few of you whose strident views on Israel are motivated by antisemitism. If you are one of those very few, please feel free to burn in hell. The rest of you must hold fast to your right to speak as you feel inclined to within the law. And to speak as vigorously as you want.

If,  like me, you think The State of Israel is a crappy , racist, kleptomaniacal basket case, then there is no requirement on you not to say so. You will get the antisemitism charge hurled at you but, that, I am afraid, is a little shiralee you will have to bear. Civil liberties, including freedom of expression within the law , were hard won but can be very easily lost. Its very much a case of use it or lose it. Understand that the present tsunami of Zionist McCarthyism is the most intense and coordinated assault on civil liberties in this country that we have witnessed in modern ” normal” times. The universities are very much on the front line.

If you are feeling generous and accused of antisemitism, you could ask for evidence of any hatred of Jews or a wish to discriminate against Jews or a wish to persecute  Jews. You could but it will be a waste of time.

Personally I have always found a simple  ” fuck off ”  works best. But that is just me.

I have one advisory. Do you really want to use Nazi analogies in discourse about Israel ? It doesn’t make you antisemitic, but it makes you silly and highly counterproductive. What is the point in saying things that the least informed Jack and Jill on the street intuitively knows not to be true ? Just an advisory. Its your call.


The hapless Josh goes on to demand Malia apologise for “ not acknowledging that only Jewish students can define antisemitism”.

I really ought not to have to say anything more about this  absurdity. You all should be laughing your heads off as you read it. I fear that is not the case. So………

Antisemitism is an established expression in the English language that has a perfectly well understood meaning. It means hatred of Jews, discrimination against Jews, persecution of Jews or some combination thereof.

The meanings of words and expressions are not established by stipulation,  They are not established by bums on chairs around a table. A parliamentary Committee table, say, or a table at UJS HQ.

Jewish students  have no more status than anyone else when it comes to the meanings of words and expressions in the English language. Meanings are established by observation of the sum force of the uses of the expression, by the speakers of the language. In the case of English 1.5 billion of them.These meanings can be found in any good dictionary.

Not only is this a ludicrous and narcissistic attempt at linguistic fascism, an attempt to disenfranchise the English speaking world, but is also indicative of a certain kind of megalomania.

Further ” a word means what I mean by it ” was one of the surer signs that Humpty Dumpty was nuts.

The UJS  risk landing themselves with one hell of a logistical problem.  Having stipulated a change in the meaning of “antisemitism,” how do they propose informing the 1.5 billion speakers of the language that it no longer means what they thought it meant. The biggest mass mail out in the history of the world ? Or do they plan not to bother and just leave the rest of us in ignorance?

However if Jewish students want to be the sole arbiters of the meaning of antisemitism because they are the potential victims , then they would presumably accept that only the Palestinians can define Zionism.


An increasingly over excited Josh then demands Malia apologise for her non acceptance of the mythical EUMC working definition of antisemitism.

Well he seems to be getting himself in a bit of a tizz here. Having told us that only Jewish students can define antisemitism, he now tells us that agencies of the European Union can define antisemitism. It is unlikely that all the members of EU agencies are Jewish students at UK universities.

The unkind ones among you might say Josh seems a bit dim. I couldn’t possibly comment.

But anyway, since there is no such thing as a EUMC definition of antisemitism and there never has been such a thing as a EUMC definition of antisemitism, it seems a bit cruel of Josh to require that Malia accept such a non thing.

For how this EUMC myth came to be see here


If you can’t be bothered, the active ingredient is …..

From the FRA, the new name of the EUMC

” We are not aware of any official definition of antisemitism.”

” We have never viewed the document as a valid definition of antisemitism”.

” The document has been pulled along with other NON OFFICIAL documents”.

” The Agency does not need to develop its own definition of antisemitism in order to research these issues” .

” The Agency has no mandate to develop its own definitions.”.

An FRA press officer went on to explain to the BBC Trust that the definition was ” never adopted by the European Union.”

The European Commission Directorate emphasised ” Neither the Commission nor the European Union have an established definition of antisemitism and there is no policy to create one.”


If the UJS  does vote to bite off its nose to spite its face, take its bat home, lower lips a trembling,it is hard to see how it hurts NUS. The only sane response would be to wish them luck as you wave them goodbye.

Zionist McCarthyism in the UK. Wake up, it's later than you think.