Mick gets a bargain

It was with the greatest of pleasure that  I noted that Mick Davis, the boss man at the Jewish Leadership Council, had been knighted. A pleasure only matched by that of his best mate, Jonny ” export peace don’t import conflict” Arkush. Mick looking worried.

Unfortunately Mick doesn’t seem as excited about it as I am. In fact, he seems decidedly uncomfortable. His problem is that he can’t quite figure out why he was honoured in this way. Gongs are, at least ostensibly, handed out as a reward for, and recognition of, ” service”. Service to industry, service to political life, service to charity, service to the Arts, service to this, service to that, service to the other. Ordinarily, it is service over decades that is recognised. However, Mick copped for the very top gong for his service as Chair of the Holocaust Commission, established by David Cameron, LAST YEAR. Mick seems to think that there is something fishy going on here, and seems reluctant to accept my  reassurances. He keeps pointing out that Naim Dangor got the same gong at the same time. Naim got it for many decades of incredibly generous philanthropy, and had to wait until he was 101 years old !!!! Yet Mick gets the gong for a YEAR of chairing a committee

In vain, I have patiently tried to explain to him that every case has to be treated on its merits. I think that in his heart of hearts, Mick is worried that there may be cynics out there that might think the gong was in return for his gifting the Conservative Party £1.4 million. I have told him not to worry about this since he can easily dismiss such intemperates as Anti-semitic conspiracy theorists. Anyway, had it been the case that Mick had bought the top gong for £1.4 million, I am sure he would regard it as a pretty good deal. A bargain in fact. All the more so since it would have been a not insignificant contribution to ensuring that David Cameron became, and remained, Israel’s best friend in British politics. Mick didn’t get to be as rich as he is by only killing one bird with each stone.

Unfortunately, Mick’s unease is not helped by the lobbyist and erstwhile chair of Conservative Friends of Israel, Stuart Polak, firstly getting a gong, and then being elevated to the peerage, for political service to The State of Israel. This is probably the first time someone has been so elevated for services to a foreign power.

Nor is it helped by Anne McGuire getting to be a Dame. Anne has been a wholly uninspiring MP, who did nothing except troop dutifully through the division lobby. She is famous for being the ultimate sheep. Or if you prefer, ” loyalist”. Many people have been MP’s  for much longer and to much greater effect. They didn’t get gongs. Mick said…..” Ah yes, but she was the chair of Labour Friends of Israel. Won’t that be fodder for the above mentioned Anti-semitic conspiracy theorists” ? I said…..” Mick for fuck sake, chill out”.


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