It has come to my attention that Adam Wagner is calumniously busy accusing me of posting antisemitic material. And that he is taking legal action against me and plans to call the cops on me for something or other. There is obviously going to be some very interesting conversations taking place. To kick start these conversations I enclose the text of a complaint about Mr Wagner that I have submitted to the Bar Standards Board. You will note that it doesn’t even touch on Mr Wagner’s activities as a leading covidiot obstructionist, activities that have surely led to numerous unnecessary deaths. That is a story for another day. For the moment we will concentrate on the racism issue.

” If you tweet enough you will eventually reveal your off duty thoughts”


I wish to lodge a complaint against the right wing part time barrister Adam Wagner of Doughty Street Chambers.

I do this in the context of your advice to barristers in respect of their social media activities. That is……

Remember that you are bound by Core Duty 5 not to behave in a way which is likely to diminish the trust and confidence which the public places in you or the profession at all times.”

The essence of the complaint is that Mr. Wagner is given to the expression of racist sentiments particularly in the course of his activities on twitter. I do understand that 114,000 tweets is likely to rot anyone’s brain. There has to be something wrong with someone that tweets from his sick bed and tweets while he is out on a school trip with one of his kids. But I would contend that this is no valid defence.

He seems to have a particular disdain for black people. In particular I would draw your attention to his infamous tweet to the effect that references to to the Windrush scandal are  merely attempts to distract attention away from what Wagner calls “ antisemitism”. Screen shot below.

What is particularly alarming about this is the attitude of Doughty Street Chambers. It is helpful to compare and contrast this attitude to that of Cornerstone Chambers vis a vis Jon Holbrook. Holbrook posted a tweet in which he referred to a black teenager as “a stroppy teenager of colour.” Some felt this was unforgivable racism. Others felt that while it was an indication that Holbrook was a bit of a Col Blimp given to what the BBC have taken to referring to as “ outdated language” but it was scarcely a hanging matter. But in any event the army of twitter lawyers called for complaints to be made to the Bar Standards Board and demanding stares were cast in the direction of Holbrook’s chambers. Cornerstone’s response was swift and merciless. It was made clear that Holbrook’s attitude was inconsistent with membership of the chambers and Holbrook had to resign.

These things are all relative I guess. But however one feels about the case it can surely be agreed that it is pretty trifling relative to Wagner’s contemptuous dismissal of the horrific lived experience of an entire generation of black immigrants.

By contrast with the attitude of Cornerstone, Doughty Street are completely relaxed about Wagner’s behaviour and sentiments and  find them  to be perfectly consistent with membership of the chambers, and fully in line with the chambers code of conduct.

In the face of a backlash from horrified black folks and others, Wagner showed no contrition. No pleading that it was an inevitable slip that afflicts twitter obsessives, even those with the very best of intentions. Rather he did what he always does when he encounters significant criticism. He appointed himself judge and jury and declared a twitter trial. This consisted of the usual meandering “ thread” of over twenty tweets of self absorbed justification, at the end of which he, inevitably,declares himself not guilty.


Wagner is not a fan of Muslims either.

This became apparent when Abi Wilkinson alerted the world to the relationship between Daniel Finkelstein and the Gatestone Institute. Finkelstein is something of a wolf in sheep’s clothing who promotes a persona suggesting that butter wouldn’t melt in his mouth. Behind the candy floss of his public face, however, he is highly manipulative. His famed ” politeness ” is, in reality thinly veiled patronising sarcasm.

The Gatestone Institute exists for one reason and one reason only. To bait Muslims and spread anti Muslim hate. Finkelstein was on the Board of this racist cess pit for two years and lied about it.

Abi drew attention to  Finkelstein’s connections. Further she  drew attention to the association between Gatestone and the notorious racist  Douglas Murray. Murray, of course, is of the view that “ things have to be made harder for Muslims all round “. 

Finkelstein seems to concur. He just shrugged and told how he  “finds Douglas stimulating and often right”.This is consistent with his being in the habit of lamenting what he regards as the problems Muslims have integrating.

There was the inevitable twitter pile on. But it was not as you might expect directed at Finkelstein, but rather was directed at Abi Wilkinson.

Now there was no need for Wagner to get involved. But he seems to think that nothing can be allowed to pass without benefit of his fully considered disinterested opinion. So he jumped in, attempting to justify Finkelstein’s unjustifiable behaviour and attempting to  shut Abi Wilkinson down. 

Astonishingly he goes on to tell us that “ Danny is my role model”. A position that is only explainable by Wagner sharing Finkelsteins racist instincts and being willing to give expression to them.

Wagner is fond of telling us that he is proud of “ working closely” with an organisation that calls itself Campaign Against Antisemitism. This is an organisation that is notoriously engaged in Muslim hating and baiting. It is especially given to the dissemination of racist cartoons. Example below. It is not known how close Wagner is to the dissemination of this material. What we can say is that he is closely associated with the organisation concerned and proud of it.

CAA are best characterised as a nut job bunch of racist trolls. Essentially the lunatic fringe of the Israelist lunatic fringe. Anyone seeking a simple and emphatic introduction  to these crazies can see one here. The head banger Glasman tried to bully youtube in removing this video but the estimable Asa Winstanley secured it.

You will see that Glasman reserves a particular eulogy to one David Toube, AKA Habibi, AKA Lucy Lips.. Here is Lucy on his finest form. It seems Lucy is very much part of the Wagner/ CAA axis.

Wagner’s cosy relationship with this profoundly racist organisation is firmly grounded in a common hatred of free speech on the subject of Israel/Palestine. This manifests itself in an irrational, obsessive campaign against the Labour Party. I am no fan of the Labour Party, it can burn in hell for all I care. But the pathological fantacism of Wagner is suggestive of a significent and dangerous illness. He is for ever demanding purges. That is, he seem to think that the best way to make make the party more welcoming for Jews is to expel a bunch of Jews. Those that are the wrong kind of Jew so far as Wagner is concerned.

Wagner’s distaste for Muslims is conclusively demonstrated by his shrill and obsessive shilling for the abomination that goes by the name of the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance Definition of Antisemitism. The purpose of this is to prevent Palestinians from giving expression to their lived experience in the Middle East and to restrict the human right to free expression on the matter of Israel/Palestine. Wagner’s activities here suggest that he is either stupid or that he thinks the rest of us are. E.g.

“ From a human rights perspective one of the best reasons for agreeing a definition  is to *protect free speech* as if it is carefully defined with examples, per IHRA, it can help people claim free speech and say definitively their speech doesn’t fall within it.”

 I have witnessed less absurd thinking from my sister’s pet canary’s retarded cousin. Notice that he regards the IHRA thing as definitive. That the ” in the circumstances ” caveats are just a smoke screen, never to be referred to again. We knew that already.

It is hard to believe that Wagner really believes that the meanings of words and expressions in the English language are established by the musings of a bunch of bums on chairs around a table. Such a belief was one of the surer signs that Humpty Dumpty was nuts. “ A word means whatever I mean by it”. Of course it is no part of the business of the BSB to protect the public from the stupidity of a barrister. That is entirely a case of caveat emptor. 

However the real issue here is racism.

Wagner proudly boasts that he was largely responsible for having the IHRA thing “ adopted” by the Labour Party. However, it should be remembered that the great bulk of the thing was READILY “ adopted “ by the Labour Party. The kerfuffle was all about two of the eleven “ examples” that were entirely to do with Israel and nothing whatsoever to do with antisemitism This despite the fact that if you were to spend a day on a random street asking passers by what they understood by the expression “ antisemitism” it is highly unlikely that Israel would get a mention. I know this because I have done it.

The biggy was to the effect that it was antisemitic to claim that The State of Israel was a racist endeavour. The racism here should not be too difficult to spot. There may be some Palestinians that don’t think Israel is a racist endeavour but in all my considerable direct on the ground experience I never met any. Further it is a view that is shared by the overwhelming majority of Muslims. 

This is to say that Wagner brands every Palestinian, almost down to the last man, woman and child, and the overwhelming majority of Muslims as racists. Imagine the reaction were someone to say that every Jew was something or other, the something or other being highly uncomplimentary.

Essentially Wagner’s message is that Muslims hate Jews.


Nothing will come of this of course. The BSB is a toothless tiger but it is always good to get stuff on the record.


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